Starrstruck’s video on demand now available

Starrstruck’s video on demand now available
Starrstruck's video on demand now available

Starrstruck is an online platform that hosts Mzansi’s hottest talent through the performances in a world-class studio infront of an intimate crowd.

“We bring performers and fans closer together. The curated performances are recorded, post-produced, packaged and uploaded on At the click of a button, fans have access to awe-inspiring acts from the country’s brilliant performers directly from the comfort of their home TV, laptop and mobile devices,” says Tim Fish, Founder of Starrstruck.

On Friday the 13th of November, Starrstruck’s Video on Demand will have five productions on their platform. Fans of Skwatta Kamp, Thabsie, Martin Bester, Mzansi Youth Choir and Tussen Sterre and Armand Joubert have the opportunity to purchase their tickets, rally their inner circle, get the food and drinks and enjoy a golden circle moment in the comfort of their own space.

Fans can buy their ticket for Starrstruck’s Video on Demand performances online and have unlimited access to a show of their choosing for 48 hours. Catering to diverse needs, Starrstruck’s platform hosts comedy; dance, music, and theatre productions. In addition to the Video on Demand offering, audiences can be the first to watch shows as they premiere on Starrstruck’s streaming platform. Msaki and Quarantine Comedy Café will premiere at the end of November 2020.

Starrstruck’s primary purpose is to connect performers and fans in a more meaningful way by bringing local entertainment which reflects various cultures to fans the world over. The online platform produces high-quality content which captures the dynamic talents of each performer and captivates fans by way of emotional connection and the never seen before content, which is created to highlight each performer’s personal story.

“The world has been in shambles since the beginning of this year. People everywhere have had to concede their liberties; pleasures and even means of earning a living. But rather than simply giving in and accepting that this is how our lives will forever be, Starrstruck has collaborated with South Africa’s performers to create an alternative revenue stream from digital outlets,” says Matthew Smit, Co-Founder of Starrstruck.

While the future may be digital, Starrstruck is not looking to replace live performances but merely complement them while keeping the arts alive and audiences entertained, especially during the age of social distancing. Starrstruck gives performers the platform to not only perform but to also intimately engage with their fanbase, while also providing economic stimulation for the entertainment industry.

Going digital does not mean fans and performers can longer interact with one another. Starrstruck creates the perfect golden circle experience where up to 30 fans are invited to the live recording of the various performances before they are premiered on the Starrstruck pay-per-view/Video on Demand service. These services give audiences access to behind the scenes and up-close interviews with their favourite performers.

“Starrstruck provides entertainment value to audiences at home, because while anyone can shoot and upload a video on the internet, not everyone uses multitrack and post-production to ensure that content is of world-class quality and is broadcasted using High Definition. It is not enough to merely produce content, you have to fulfil the appetite of consumers by giving them well-curated performances,” concludes Fish.