Shera The DJ is set to release a new single titled ‘Hamba Uzobuya

Shera The DJ is set to release a new single titled ‘Hamba Uzobuya

Versatile House DJ and vocalist raised in the city of Johannesburg, Shera The DJ, has released a single. The elements of her new release, Hamba Uzobuya, embody a sound created from a fusion of Jazz, House as well as Amapiano. The song begins with a whisper of sound before slowly transforming into upbeat vibrations introduced by a base drop.

It is a synergy of her vocals and lyrics with the production of Kiddyondebeat. Shera and Kiddyondebeat fused together their musical gifts every day, from late afternoons to early mornings, for seven days. Hamba Uzobuya was brought into existence while preparing to depart from a week of recording music. It is the last song created and the first to be shared with the world from what came from their week together. She happily expresses that Kiddyondebeat produced a beautiful beat and it was in that moment that she stood up and decided to record.

Every component of the song came from the heart. She describes the creative process as an organic ‘stop and go’ whereby the music guided her. Writing was a minimal effort. “The music tells me what it wants to say. I allow the music to lead me. When the note says a certain thing, I listen to what it is saying and translating to me”, she says.

The musical elements of Hamba Uzobuya led Shera to deliver a story of heartbreak and the departure of a lover. For her, the single is an utterance reminding one that departure has consequences. It was important for her that the sound brings this message to life. Her inspiration is rooted in our universal experiences. “When I am writing, what inspires me is making music that everyone can relate to. I take the experiences that we have all been through and I write about them”, she explains. Additionally, the narrative of her new release is a reflection of why she makes music. She explains that she makes music that resonates with what people are feeling or for those moments when they need someone to understand what they are going through. It is music for all ages. Her inspiration and why she makes music come to life in her other singles too. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Hamba Uzobuya is also a single we can resonate with.

Get ready to stream and listen to Hamba Uzobuya, on all musical platforms because Shera The DJ is about to blow your mind!

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