Pinky Girl uses these difficult times to elevate her brand

Pinky Girl uses these difficult times to elevate her brand
Pinky Girl uses these difficult times to elevate her brand

The COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown regulations have been very challenging for many industries throughout the country, but the entertainment industry is one that is really struggling during these difficult times. With venues closing, record stores shutting down their stores and entertainers being stripped off their main source of income, life in the entertainment industry may seem like a distant memory for most.

Tebogo Mekgwe, popularly known as Pinky Girl says that this has indeed been a difficult time for her as a DJ, but she plans on using it to work on her brand and connect more with her target audience. “As someone in the entertainment industry, I have had to adapt to the current situation that we are living in. Being under lockdown means that I must now focus on alternative approaches of entertaining and interacting with my supporters as well as expanding and communicating my brand” she says.

Pinky Girl is currently working on executing a project called ‘Pinky’s Couch Sessions’. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, live entertainment has moved into the virtual space and creatives are having to come up with strategies to bring back some of the human interaction and experience that has been lost during this time. This is indeed a stressful period for a lot of creatives but now is the time for them to take advantage of the digital space and use it engage with their supports, grow their brands, and stay top of mind.

The ‘Pinky Couch Sessions’, will involve weekly live, indoor DJ sessions by Pinky Girl, which will be broadcast on her Instagram page as well as on her YouTube channel. She will also invite guests every other week, who will also play a set and then get interviewed by her. These guests will mainly be upcoming female DJs as Pinky Girl also wants to create a platform where these upcoming creatives can showcase their talent as well as engage with her on ins and outs of the industry.

“I believe that this will be good for both me and my brand, it will be therapeutic as music is my escape. I honestly miss playing live and seeing the crowd dance to my sets, but we don’t know when things will go back to normal so for now, this will do. I also want to get my fans and followers involved by having Q & A sessions where I interact with them. Using this time to strengthen my online presence will come with great benefits, even after the lockdown,’’ adds Pinky Girl.

The reality is that now, most creatives are having to find ways to function online – and fast! Tapping into the virtual space means that corporate events can still go ahead, activations and launches can be moved online, while people are isolating and keeping safe indoors. It is time to be proactive and think ahead as virtual events have become an essential part of the entertainment industry as they offer convenience and are highly interactive.

“The goal is to create quality content and prioritise the engagement of audiences while retaining the humanness of it all. Also remember to prioritise your mental health during this period, as much as you need to keep the ball rolling, it’s important to do so with a clear and healthy mind” concludes Pinky Girl.