List Of Websites Where You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows For Free

List Of Websites Where You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows For Free
List Of Websites Where You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows For Free

With the growth of the internet, it is not shocking to see that many are opting to stop watching Television and visiting websites that provide free tv content to satiate their hunger for good shows. Wondering how to watch your favourite shows or watch Game of Thrones on Kodi? Look no further. The websites providing this free content have grown with the growth of the internet too.

 People usually come across the illegality of the sites they use to stream their favourite shows or movies. This can be pretty dangerous for the devices and your personal information. Most of these sites may turn out to be malicious too. Thus, here is a list of the best eight websites that will legally provide you with free content.


 This online video streaming website allows you to watch your favourite shows without abandon. And you can watch these shows without even signing up; however, if you eventually fall in love with this site and decide to sign up, then Tubi will let you create your own playlist.

 Tubi comes with a clean interface, and you may come across your favourite shows on this website. The good news is that everything is legal here. The site is even verified, so there is no chance of getting your device attacked by a malicious virus.

 Tubi’s streaming quality is undoubtedly excellent, and thus you will enjoy your experience with Tubi for sure.


 Crackle is another video streaming platform for you, and you will not regret ever coming across Crackle. This website is owned by Sony; thus, no one can raise any question of illegality here. This website is fully legal and safe.

 Crackle is adorned with a great collection of TV shows, which may make it people’s favourite website. The search bar present on the website is for curious souls like you who love to explore. One thing can be said about this website: this site is very well categorized. Watch as many shows as you want; no one will stop you here.


 If you love classics, this site is just the perfect video streaming website. With a vast collection of classic movies, Retrovision truly justifies its name. A great source of happiness for all the lovers of classics.

 Legally download any movies or TV shows you want to. Everything on the website is legal; thus no danger here. Sometimes navigating some websites may seem tricky, but navigating Retrovision is relatively easy, even for a novice.


 Yidio works like a collector; it aggregates or collects free video streaming sites that ultimately redirect to a third-party website. Most of these Websites ask for a certain amount of money. But, don’t lose hope here; you can still watch free shoes here.

 There is a section for free TV shows, and under this section, you can find all the tv shows that are available for free on the website; ultimately, you don’t have to pay even a penny.

 CW Seed

 CW Seed, the name makes it sound like an illegal website, but this is a legal online Television streaming website in all actuality. A subsite of CW TV is CW Seed. Anytime you want, you can stream TV shows available on the website.

 This website is even a must-visit and must-watch site for kids as it has various DC animated series present. So, DC fans, do visit.


 Here comes another free video streaming website for you, and the best news is you can watch any show without signing up; well, signing up can be quite a hassle sometimes. You will come across various ranges of genres on this website.

 If you want to watch the shows on multiple devices, you can even do that with the help of this website. Do not forget to visit their staff picks section, where they have all the highly-rated TV shows and movies available to watch for free.

 Pluto TV

 If you crave to get that TV-like experience, bit for free while watching online shows, then this site is just going to do that for you—this website, in reality, performs like a Television. You can flip through different channels.

 This website has to offer so many TV shows and various channels. You can watch daily soaps, movies, highly rated tv shows, sports, everything.


 While talking about online free video streaming websites, how can one forget to include Youtube? A website like youtube has to be on the list. It is a very much legal video streaming site, and for sure, you have come across Youtube.

 Not all, but various movies and web series are available on youtube for free. You have the freedom to choose from a varied range of genres and watch the shows legally on Youtube; you can even download them.

 Summing It Up

It can be said that with the rise of the internet, the way of living and life has also changed, and our source of entertainment too has changed. Thus, this article is best for people looking for a free website to watch movies for free. You have the freedom to choose.