Krystle T Pours Her Heart Out On Powerful New Ballad ‘Fall In Love And Start A War’

Krystle T Pours Her Heart Out On Powerful New Ballad ‘Fall In Love And Start A War’
Krystle T Pours Her Heart Out On Powerful New Ballad 'Fall In Love And Start A War'

After grabbing the country’s attention as a finalist on Idols South Africa back in 2007, Krystle T is ready to make her return to the global music scene as she releases her emotional comeback single ‘Fall In Love And Start A War’.

For the UK-based performer, ‘Fall In Love And Start A War’ serves as the perfect song to reintroduce herself to the world. Hailed as a power-ballad with a difference, the single was written by the singer alongside South African pop star Daniel Baron who produced the track as well. The song was recorded at Anchor Baby Studios in London which famously birthed massive records from AC/DC and Queens of the Stoneage, amongst others, and provided the perfect backdrop for Krystle to get both vulnerable and emotional.

‘Fall In Love And Start A War’ is a story about an unbreakable true love, tested against the odds of a cruel world that tries to pull the lovers apart. This powerful romance that has created waves throughout the universe, inevitably causes for those on the jealous sidelines to do everything in their power to stop the couple from being together. The tension surrounding the forbidden love causes a hypothetical war in which Krystle T unapologetically unpacks through the song, culminating in a moving and emotional crescendo.

Krystle T delivers an exceptional vocal performance thanks to the vintage grandeur her voice embodies. The singer also showcases a subtle restraint which still exudes her unassuming excellence in the song.

She explains that working with Daniel Baron on the track helped take the song to heights she never imagined possible. “It’s been a privilege working with Daniel Baron as both a producer and writer on this track. I first met Daniel during our time together on Idols South Africa and since then, I have followed his musical journey.”

Krystle T explains that even though they are based in different cities across the globe their creative chemistry was electric. Releasing a song that is meant to serve as an artist’s comeback always comes with added pressure. However, the two worked together effortlessly to unpack the message Krystle T wanted to share on the song while ensuring that it’s entertaining, well-written and beautifully produced. “When discussing a track to reignite my career in the industry, we discussed many avenues and the style I wish to progress with,” Krystle T explains. “I spoke about my trials and tribulations and also about certain situations I currently faced and Daniel embodied all of these emotions and stories I have to tell into one beautiful melody.”

The singer adds that she’s both petrified and excited to release new music and is thrilled that her new material is finally out for the world to hear. “I believe that the journey has been a long and winding road and I’m ready to let the world hear my artistry now,” she says. “I hope ‘Fall In Love And Start A War’ encapsulates different emotions and instances where people can relate and feel the lyric as well as remember the pop hooks at the same time.”

‘Fall In Love And Start A War’ has already been playlisted on some of the country’s top radio stations and has been making waves globally as well. The song is currently also playing on radio stations in Belgium and the United Arab Emirates proving that Krystle T’s sound is universal.

Additionally, the song debuted at number one on the iTunes pop charts in South Africa – a testament to the track’s incredible ability to pull at the heart strings of listeners.

Apart from her vast experience onstage as a performer/actress/musician, Krystle T is also a music teacher, friend and adviser. Her extensive charity work and love for children also show that she pours her heart and soul into her work for the ultimate benefit of others.

‘Fall In Love And Start A War’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it here: