HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Tournament ignites fierce competition at The Glen Shopping Centre

HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Tournament ignites fierce competition at The Glen Shopping Centre
Riaasat Ebrahim

R200k in prize money, eight qualifiers nationwide, culminating in one epic gaming showdown…
this is the MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience 2024!

The HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience made its third electrifying stop at The Glen Shopping Centre in Johannesburg South, Gauteng, from 28 to 30 June 2024. This exhilarating event, part of South Africa’s largest mall-based gaming tournament, brought together the region’s most dedicated gamers for an unforgettable weekend of fierce competition and camaraderie.

The high point of the weekend was undoubtedly the EAFC tournament, where the best of the local gaming community displayed exceptional talent and strategy. The event culminated in the crowning of new winners:

1st Place: Riaasat Ebrahim

2nd Place: Zahir Patel

3rd Place: Thabo Moloi

Riaasat Ebrahim will now advance to the national finale, promising to be a showdown of epic proportions, scheduled for 11 to 15 September 2024 at Canal Walk in Cape Town, where the finalists will battle it out for the ultimate title and a share of the impressive grand prize pool.

A Weekend of Epic Competitions and Interactive Fun at The Glen

The Glen Shopping Centre buzzed with excitement as gamers and enthusiasts gathered for an unforgettable weekend of competitive gaming and interactive experiences. This weekend the HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience transformed the mall into a gamer’s paradise, drawing crowds eager to witness and participate in a variety of gaming challenges.

The highlight of the event was the EAFC tournament, where competitors demonstrated exceptional skill and strategy in a bid to be crowned the best. But the excitement didn’t stop there. Virtual racing fans were on the edge of their seats during the exhilarating GT 7 Races, pushing their virtual cars to the limit. Fortnite players engaged in fast-paced, strategic battles, while action lovers revelled in the intensity of the Fighting Game Face-offs, showcasing their skills in games like Tekken and Street Fighter. Minecraft enthusiasts also had their moment in the spotlight, displaying creativity and survival skills in engaging challenges.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Glen Maboe, General Manager of The Glen Shopping Centre, expressed his delight: “The atmosphere at The Glen this weekend was absolutely electrifying. The HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience brought together an incredible mix of gamers and fans, filling the mall with excitement and energy. It’s fantastic to see such a diverse community come together, united by their passion for gaming. We’re proud to host events that not only entertain but also build community spirit.”

In addition to the main competitions, the vibrant event offered a range of interactive activities for all attendees:

  • Rocket League Matches: Players competed in high-energy Rocket League games, striving for victory with every goal.
  • Brawlhalla Bouts: Fans of platform fighting games enjoyed intense matches in Brawlhalla.
  • Aim Lab Challenges: Attendees tested their precision and marksmanship in these skill-based trials.
  • MTN Beat Saber Challenge: Visitors experienced the thrill of the rhythm-based VR game, with the top scorer of the weekend winning an Xbox Series S.
  • Keyboard Rebuild Race: Participants raced against time to rebuild keyboards, vying for exciting prizes.

Spectators were not left out, enjoying numerous giveaways and the opportunity to explore the latest in gaming technology and experiences.

The Glen Shopping Centre’s weekend of gaming excitement not only celebrated the talents of South Africa’s gaming community but also inspired a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. As the HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience continues its tour, anticipation grows for future events that promise to deliver even more thrilling gaming action and community engagement.

Upcoming Qualifiers and Events

The race to the national final is intensifying, with numerous opportunities still available for gamers to dive into the HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience. The upcoming schedule features a series of qualifiers and events, including:

Clearwater Mall Online Qualifier: 7-Jul

Clearwater Mall WM Event: 12 to 14 Jul

Woodlands Boulevard Online Qualifier: 14-Jul

Woodlands Boulevard Event: 19 to 21 Jul

Table Bay Mall Online Qualifier: 4-Aug

Table Bay Mall Event: 9 to 11 Aug

Capegate Online Qualifier: 18-Aug

Capegate Event: 23 to 25 Aug

Canal Walk Online Qualifier: 8-Sep

Canal Walk Event: 11 to 15 Sep

These HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience events will continue to deliver not only the main EAFC tournament but also a variety of other gaming competitions and activities that promise fun and excitement for all.

Grand Finale and Prizes

The stage is set for the grand finale at Canal Walk, where the best of the best will compete for the ultimate glory and a share of the R50,000 prize pool:

1st Place: R25,000

2nd Place: R15,000

3rd Place: R7,500

4th Place: R2,500

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the HYPROP MTN SHIFT Gaming Experience. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a passionate spectator, this tournament offers something for everyone. Visit our official website for more information on how to participate or attend the upcoming events.