Higgo And Daniel Baron Reunite On New Single ‘Paint The Stars’

Higgo And Daniel Baron Reunite On New Single ‘Paint The Stars’
Paint The Stars Cover Artwork.

Local musicians Higgo and Daniel Baron have a rare musical connection that not many collaborators in the music industry have – they just click. The two seem to propel each other to deliver the best out of their abilities – be it in songwriting, production or vocal performance – and they’ve formed a friendship while working on their number one hit ‘La La Lovely’. Now, the two reunite on a brand-new single titled ‘Paint The Stars’ – and it’s another stellar piece of work. 

‘Paint The Stars’ is a dreamy, emotional dance ballad about a love that can transcend space and time. The song is a euphoric listening experience laced with powerful vocals and the soothing sounds of a xylophone, all colourfully illuminated by thumping electronic crescendos. 

Higgo, who released his latest studio album ‘Loopholes’ in November last year, says that using astronomy in the track’s lyrical content has helped amplify the message of hope that he shares in this song. “I especially like the space theme we’ve used in the song as it can represent so many things: emotions, dreams and aspirations,” Higgo says. “The saying ‘the sky is the limit’ really makes sense here because love is both erratic and beautiful – much like the universe itself.”

After the success of ‘La La Lovely’, Daniel was incredibly keen to jump onto a new track with Higgo. Like Higgo, Daniel has also been a big fan of using space themes in his music. To date, Daniel has released a number of chart-topping tracks, including ‘Children Of The Sun’, ‘Speed Of Light’, ‘Satellites’ and more, which have summed up his feelings using astronomy as a form of reference. 

The star adds that he is thrilled to be working with Higgo on the track. “Higgo is incredibly talented and I had a really great time creating the song with Higgo and getting back into the studio together,” Daniel says. “I am so proud of this song and I hope it means as much to those listening to it as it does to both Higgo and I.”

With its soothing production, powerful vocal delivery and a romantic message, ‘Paint The Stars’ is the perfect track to welcome in spring.

‘Paint The Stars’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it here: http://smarturl.it/PaintTheStars