Garena Free Fire continues to surprise and delight gamers with new features and collaborations

Garena Free Fire continues to surprise and delight gamers with new features and collaborations
Garena Free Fire continues to surprise and delight gamers with new features and collaborations

Rolling lockdowns have forced many people to stay indoors over the past 18 months, away from their regular leisure activities. The gaming and online streaming industry, such as Garena Free Fire, innovates and constantly looks for fun ways to keep people entertained from home.

Run by passionate gamers, Garena recognized and understood that games continue to evolve, especially as more people turn to digital entertainment platforms to socialise and connect with others. There was an increasing desire to foster an environment for the community to do so.

In line with that, Garena introduced various community features and content through their Battle Royale mobile game, Garena Free Fire, which saw the platform become a place where their users socialize with their friends while enjoying game-related content. With offline esports tournaments turning to digital formats in 2020, more related and interesting content had to be produced to keep fans engaged. Working closely with streamers and the community, Garena released a stream of content to keep its community engaged. Garena Free Fire related content recorded over 72 billion view counts across YouTube globally in 2020, making Garena Free Fire the most viewed mobile-only video game globally on YouTube for both 2019 and 2020. It was also the third most viewed among all video games on YouTube in 2020. 

Garena Free Fire’s developers are constantly working on new features and collaborations as they are well aware that innovation is key to keeping gamers entertained. In 2020 they’ve launched a feature called Training Grounds which became highly popular as an area within the game where players could network and spend time.

Last month, they launched a new version of the game called Garena Free Fire MAX, enables gamers to play with visual and audio enhancements. The version was completed with a new mode, Craftland, where players can create their own map and invite friends to play together. With the Firelink technology by Garena, players can login using the account from original version and sync all their game progress to the latest version. Players from both versions can play together.

Now, this Battle Royale game, which has won multiple awards over the past three years, (including receiving the award for the ‘Best Popular Vote Game’ by the Google Play Store in 2019 and ‘Best Battle Royale Game’ at the Pocket Gamer Awards 2021) has taken it a step further, with Garena and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s partnership to bring elements of Venom: Let There Be Carnage into Garena Free Fire. This was Garena Free Fire’s first ever collaboration with a movie franchise.

Garena Free Fire has collaborated with popular global IPs including Street Fighter, One Punch Man, Cristiano Ronaldo, McLaren, among others, with each new collaboration bringing its own flavour of new content, skins, characters and weapons.

The Venom: Let There Be Carnage collaboration, which is set to drop in the game from mid October 2021 – to coincide with the release in cinemas around the globe – promises to be no different with a wild, immersive experience and exclusive content from the movie. Fans can also look out for hidden elements of Garena Free Fire in the movie.

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