Francois van Coke and the Mzansi Youth Choir release ‘Die Wêreld is Mal’

Francois van Coke and the Mzansi Youth Choir release ‘Die Wêreld is Mal’
Francois van Coke and the Mzansi Youth Choir release ‘Die Wêreld is Mal’

First released in 2017, ‘Die Wêreld is Mal (The world is crazy) is a heartfelt ballad by Francois Van Coke that underscores this sentiment. The song delivers hope and focusses on love in a time where it is easy to see only the negative. Now in 2020, the Mzansi Youth Choir (MYC) and Francois van Coke have collaborated on the track.

There were two songs that were being considered, and both Monde and Sidumo from the choir who arranged the music and songs were inspired by Die Wêreld is Mal. The song, when interpreted, worked well across the different languages one hears in this collaboration,  namely Afrikaans, Zulu and XiTsonga.

“Part of the process when working with the choristers, in particular the second vocalist Thando from MYC, was to teach them to assume and match the same reaction and vocal technique that Francois uses and to complement the energy and elements of the song when all put together as one,” Sidumo Nyamezele, Musical Director for the Mzansi Youth Choir, notes. 

“It was great working with the Mzansi Youth Choir. We have definitely reimagined the song. It was great hearing their voices on my composition,” says Francois van Coke.

Due to Covid-19, there was the challenge that travel was limited – the choir couldn’t travel to Cape Town and Francois couldn’t travel to JHB.  The teams had to find a way to use technology to bring the two parties together.  Multi-Media in Midrand offered their studio and with the innovation of green screen technology the Mzansi Youth Choir was transported into the world of Francois van Coke.

The music video opens with Francois watching TV at home, watching all the hopeless news and channel hopping with his bowl of popcorn.  He then comes across the Mzansi Youth Choir singing his song “Die Wêreld is Mal”.  As the music video progresses  and the storyline evolves, Francois is then integrated into the world of the choir and colour!  The video starts with a softer colour palette and then more colour and joy are injected.  The mood lifts –  leaving the audience with a positive feeling.


Die Wêreld is Mal can be accessed here:


“Die Wêreld is Mal” (The World is Mad) – Credits:

Songwriter and Vocalist:  Francois van Coke

Second Vocalist:  Thando Matiwane

Vocals: Mzansi Youth Choir

Director: Jacobus Kriel

Director of Photography: Kobus Potgieter

Arrangement: Sidumo Nyamezele and Monde Msutwana

Recording: Robin Walsh

Mixing and Mastering: Bill Hare

Editor: Adriaan Anderson

Studio Facility: StarrStruck Studio

Produced by SA Filmworx