Fight To Fame’s Presence In South Africa Is Growing Rapidly

Fight To Fame’s Presence In South Africa Is Growing Rapidly
Fight To Fame's Presence In South Africa Is Growing Rapidly. Image source: Pixabay

South Africa’s former minister of International Affairs has just agreed to become the official chairman of the action reality show Fight to Fame in the country, which just goes to show how popular the show has become there. The reality show is investing in building action reality stars and paving their way to Hollywood.

Marius Fransman was born and bred in South Africa, where he dreamt of achieving his goal of bettering the lives of his fellow countrymen. To achieve this end, he participated in politics at a young age and was made a Mayor at the tender age of 25. Later, he was placed in the office of the Ministry for Provincial Affairs.

Fight to Fame has gained an increasing amount of popularity in South Africa, ever since former boxing champion Chris Van Heerden became its champion ambassador. Since then, the show has signed a contract with Senegal. The show is extremely popular with the people of Senegal and has attracted the attention of a number of movie and television stars alike.

Very soon, a partnership between Fight to Fame and the country’s gambling sector will make it possible for fans to exchange their Fan Tokens for gambling chips. Fight to Fame has made it possible for Marius Fransman alone for collaborations with film, sporting and gambling events.

Along with this, Fight to Fame’s BMS partner, Moja Media, will be responsible for distributing films in South Africa, in lieu of their partnership with the Cinema Libre Studio. The team is set to produce a movie titled A Chain of Voices, a film adaptation of the book by South African writer Andre Brink.

This collaboration with the music, film, and gambling industry is not the end of Fight to Fame BMS’s influence in the South African sector. It has also joined forces with BKEX, the Vancouver based firm for cryptocurrencies. This collaboration will enable BKEX to become the first-ever international firm to launch FF tokens for fans. This integration has grabbed the attention of Blockchain aficionados, who are excited about the future prospects of this forum.

Fransman has stated his disappointment at not being able to start working immediately because of the coronavirus epidemic, but he is excited to accept this change in the sporting industry. According to him, this migration to a digital medium is a huge change and an upgrade for the creative world. This change needs to be adapted into all the sectors of creativity, including sports.

Thus, with South Africa emerging as a leading platform for Fight to Fame in Africa, and South Korea’s Seoul establishing its base in the Asian countries, it is safe to say that the project has already started to set sail on a global level. If this rate of growth and acceptance continues, then Fight to Fame will become a force to reckon with very soon, and the world will see its first group of home-grown fighters chosen by the people getting the acknowledgment they deserve.