Features Of Best Pool Cue

If you are passionate about Billiard or Pool game then you know that having the best cue determines the level of your game. Cue stick determinesthe strength of your strike and also the accuracy of your hit. This means that you have to select the best pool cue to use in your pool game. In this article I will focus on the features of a perfect cue stick.

Type of Tip

The first feature that you should focus on is the tip of the cue, its size should range from 11 to 14 millimeters. Well, the type of the tip also matters; soft tips ensure you are in touch with your cue as you strike the ball, but unfortunately they are not long lasting. This makes players to opt to use hard tips which are much stronger and are durable.


The next feature is the weight of the cue; heavy cues ranging from 20 oz and above, their heft usually tends to be high, this makes cue balls spin after a strike. This cue is recommended for newbies in the game, for professional players go for 18 and 19 ozcues. These enable you to control your strike and have an excellent aim at the cue ball.

Wood Type

When selecting the best cue you should also consider its durability. Cues that have maple shafts are the best since they are durable and cheap. If you want lighter cues made from darker woods with elegant finish of outstanding colors and decors, then you have part with more cash.

Portability Of The Cue Stick

We have cues that are made of one piece, that is the shaft and the collar are permanently joined. These kind of cues are recommended for players who don’t travel a lot. In case you travel for competitions, you should go for cues that can be dissociated into two pieces which are easier to carry. They also have case for packaging the cue stick when travelling. The case protects the cue when traveling, since it has soft linings which protect the cue from scratch.

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Straight Design

You should also ensure that your cure is straight to give you a perfect aim and strike. It also prevents your cue from rolling when you place it on yourpool table.

Wrap Material

Another feature of the best cues is the wrapping. A cue with perfect wrapping materials ensures a perfect grip when playing. Cues with pressed Nylon are recommended for newbies, but professionals prefers a leather wrapped cue.

Balance Point

You should also consider the balance point of your cue. With a balanced cue stick you will enjoy your pool game with little strain when striking. Balance point of cue stick is found at its center which is just few inches from the wrap of your cue stick.


If you want to stand out amongst pool players then you will go for cue sticks that have various decorations and brighter colors, but you can opt to buy traditional cues that have neutral colors.