7 Unique Bucks Party Ideas


Every bachelor’s dream is to experience an epic buck party. It’s the groomsmen’s job to plan and surprise the groom with an exciting and unforgettable celebration as his last day of being single.

Some countries have different ways to call it. In the UK, they refer to it as stag night while bucks party in Australia. On the other hand, the US people term it as a bachelor’s party. To gather some fun binge to do during the celebration, here are some of the ideas to try:

1. Water or Air Thrilling Activities

Some friends love adventures and knee-shaking experiences at popular tourist spots. You may consider two options for the celebration. During the day, you can set up water or aerial outdoor activities that could unleash the excitement and thrill of everyone.

You can schedule a sky diving, hot air balloon, helicopter rides, hang gliding, zip line, and more. For water events, consider having scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing a catamaran, kayaking, banana ride, surfing, rent a yacht, and more.

2. Rent a Luxury Penthouse

If you prefer a private and luxury experience at the beach resort, you may also consider renting a penthouse. Enjoy the best view of the city lights, sunset, and nature.

You can also think of the amazing activities that you can do inside the penthouse. List down all the best water activities, use cards and gambling gameplays, get some booze, and consider playing indoor games. There are different ways to have fun and celebrate.

3. Try a Shooting Range or Bow and Arrow Activities

When it comes to sports, men are most excited about it. Instead of doing the usual basketball, volleyball, baseball, billiards, or swimming, why not consider a shooting range activity?

A shooting range is a memorable experience, especially when playing the sport with friends. Aside from a fun-filled activity, it helps you concentrate and aim for the target. You can consider this activity during the day and have a drinking spree or bar during the night.

You may also try the bow-and-arrow sports wherein you will learn on how to handle a bow and shoot using an arrow.

4. Play Poker at Casinos

There is no need to fly and visit Las Vegas to experience poker at Casinos. You may book for a private room in Australia and play all night as you want. To spice up the game, you may also consider having some drinks and manage some rules for the winners and losers.

You can look for a private room with hotel accommodation or a pool area. In this way, you can have a relaxing sleep or swimming after playing poker.

5. Book for a Private Fine Dining

After the day events, you can book a private buffet or fine dining at a luxury restaurant. Make the groom say, “this is my ultimate bucks experience.” Consider the best menu and select the never-been-before tried cuisines.

Get yourself a mouthwatering taste of the luxury dishes and experience various cuisines from Asian, European, Mediterranean, Tropical, Italian, French, and more.

6. Drive Day Experience

Is the groom a fan of the fast and the furious movie? You should consider a drive day experience and use your cars or rent a vehicle for hire.

You can try a speed race, a travel destination, or a dunes experience while riding in a four-by-four-wheel jeepney. This activity may be tiring, but it’s worth trying.

Aside from cars, you may also consider a motorcycle and stroll over the beautiful sceneries while driving. Enjoy the refreshing and comfortable breeze of the wind. You may also consider targeting a specific destination that may involve a long hour trip.

7. Manage a Brewery Crawl

After the long day of swimming, diving, shooting, you can book for a brewery crawl. This is a great alternative to fine dining and the atmosphere is more casual and entertaining.

After the morning and afternoon activities, you can set up a brewery crawl for a night event. It is the best alternative to fine dining, and the atmosphere is casual and entertaining.

On the other hand, you may also get some drinks at a bar or pub. Some have woman entertainers who perform casual and pole dancing.

Enjoy talking about the adventures, sightseeing, and activities done during the day. Have a glimpse of the old memories, and cherish the moments with friends. Make the groom it’s a very memorable day before he tied a knot with his future wife.

What interesting activity did you choose for the stag night?

There are several boy’s nights out and daily activities that you can try aside from the ideas. Make sure to surprise the groom and create an unforgettable experience with him.

Explore some things to do. You may also go to visit some places and seize the day.

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