What makes a good teacher today

Getting a good education is very important today, but having a good teacher or educator makes this process a lot easier for children. We all have that one teacher we remember so well from a certain grade in school, whether it be primary school or high school. The one teacher that stood out and made a difference in our lives.

Future Nation Schools take a look at some of the things that make a good teacher today:


Having a compassionate teacher makes a big difference to a child. Someone that cares about their students in terms of their wellbeing, their performance and who is able to demonstrate this to a child, will have a lasting effect on the type of children that leave a classroom at the end of the year.


Teachers need to be kind. Children react better to kindness than to harshness. Being too strict may cause a child to become rebellious.

Listening well

Children want to feel that they are listened to and heard. This provides them with a sense of belonging and acknowledgement. This is a very important trait to have as a teacher, which is the person responsible for moulding the youth of today.

Giving the needed attention

Some children need individual attention or extra attention. In order to ensure that the children who are being taught are flourishing, it is vital that teachers give them the attention they need.

Positive encouragement

Positive affirmations go a long way, especially with children. Encouragement can make a child want to do better and want to learn. Children seek approval, so it is important to make sure that children are given the necessary encouragement, even when it is for something very small they have done correctly.

Going the extra mile

A teacher who goes the extra mile and above and beyond their calling of teaching, is an educator that will have a lasting effect on their learners. Whether it be suggesting interesting books to read to a child in their class, or giving them the name of a song, you feel calms you down, when you need to focus on studying, the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.

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