What are the pros and cons of taking an essay from essay writing services?

What are the pros and cons of taking an essay from essay writing services?
What are the pros and cons of taking an essay from essay writing services? Photo: Pixabay

What is an essay writing service?

Essay Writing Solutions is a company that provides students with academic help upon their request. The market of academic writing is versatile and growing year by year. The reason is that many students do not have time to write papers on their own, so they prefer to order customized writings from professionals. Essay writing services are either small or big organizations that include teams of writers who are ready to take responsibility for delivering academic papers according to requirements and deadlines. Of course, such services are not free of charge, and the prices may vary depending on the deadline and complexity of the order. However, ordering an essay from an academic writing company has both pros and cons that are enlisted below.

Pros of taking an essay from essay writing services

The significant advantages of getting an essay from essay writing services are measured by solid evidence and based on the experience of many students. These are the following:

  1. Getting a good or an outstanding grade. If you are ordering an essay from a custom writing professional who is employed in this business for many years, you can expect to get the high-quality paper. It is very important for those students who are not distinctly aware of their capability to write good papers on their own.
  2. Saving time for other work and like activities. It is not a secret that many students are employed to cover expenses for education. Apart from tuition costs, some of them have high charges for a life with families, being already married and even having kids. Some students spend much time on sport and leisure activities, so they want to save time for getting success in all these issues.
  3. Getting the paper done very fast. If there is not much time left before the deadline, students are ready to order an essay from a writing service. This helps to facilitate the overall writing process and not waste nerves on thinking too much how to deal with the problem of an urgent task.
  4. Ordering an essay at a good price. Academic writing services present good offers for students at the cheap cost.
  5. Taking 100% plagiarism free academic papers. Writing services are ready to deliver papers of the top-notch quality that pass plagiarism detecting software.

Cons of taking an essay from essay writing services

Apart from the advantages, taking an essay from a writing service has its hidden disadvantages that students may experience to have.

  1. Submission issues. If you are not the author of an essay, you are more likely to feel difficulties if there is a necessity to discuss the relevant topic or present it at class. You may not be familiar with the topic or even with the content of the paper if you are not the original author of it.
  2. Violation of education ethics. If someone gets to know that you are ordering a copy at a writing service, you may be accused in violation of ethical standards in the educational practice. It may be considered non-professional to request papers from academic writers.
  3. The risk of non-compliance to the deadline. There is some % of risk that your ordered paper will not be delivered on time, due to the technical issues.
  4. The risk of non-compliance with the requirements. There is some share of risk that writers of an academic writing service will not be ready to complete an order according to the set of requirements, in most cases because of the complexity of the topic.
  5. The need to double-check for plagiarism. There are many plagiarism detection software packages, as well as online checkers. You should be ready to get to know which one your tutor uses and check your ordered paper yourself before the submission.

Although essay writing services have many drawbacks, more and more students prefer to order custom writings from them, as they have more pros than cons. And, even some educators consider this unethical to get your paper done by someone else, this ethical dilemma should be resolved in favor of academic writing services and students who order papers to pass courses. Nowadays time is running very fast, so we are not able to succeed in all activities at a time, specifically regarding essay writing. Ordering a paper may be an amazing way to solve education issues if you are not ready to do it on your own and need help.

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