Tools and Apps that Every Student Needs

Tools and Apps that Every Student Needs

Most of the students have already mastered the use of social media which helps them to work on their writing and communication skills. Now, it’s time to enhance their skills through some internet tools and useful apps. In this post, check out the list of tools and apps that every student needs to streamline their life.

  1. Google Drive

It is the most popular tool for storing important files, documents and pictures on the Google servers. Most importantly, you can access it from anywhere anytime. It is effective in storing the precious files plus you can stay worry-free as there is no chance of corruption possible like with USB or external hard drive. Above all, you can share the large files and documents with classmates in just one click. Make sure you keep the passwords difficult to crack and log out in case you use the public computer.

  1. Hemingway

It is a useful tool for students to proofread texts and to help writing in a simple, clear and powerful manner. It detects the sentences that are hard to read, usage of inappropriate passive voice within the text and identifies the complex words. The tool uses different colors to highlight the errors in the text. It improves the writing style by identifying grammar and other mistakes. It detects adverbs and makes the sentences more vivid and powerful. There is an interesting feature in the tool and that is the ability to import the text from Microsoft Word and other writing software.

  1. PaperHelp

This website is for students who have problems with writing assignments. This service offers help with different school and college tasks starting with a simple essay and finishing with a huge dissertation. Every student may need such help from time to time whether because of the lack of time or inability to deal with the difficult topic. Anyways, if this is something you want to try, too, reading paperhelp reviews may be the first step.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is the best tool to organize the assignments and class notes into notebooks. You can easily scan the handwritten notes and use them easily to search for particular words. The best feature is you can even record the lectures of the classroom. There are simple tools to edit PDFs files, too. So, you can highlight the important sections and assignment sheets with different shapes and arrows and can add text also. Most importantly, you can add to-do lists and manage reminders.

  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is the award-winning app also available for a web browser so the best part is you can access it from any device with internet connection. You can use it for creating a list to perform certain study tasks. In fact, you can share it with friends and collaborate with them. This is the best app for working on projects that includes many people and many tasks.

  1. SimpleMind

It is the mind mapping solution for structuring, analyzing and presenting your ideas and thoughts. It is available on different devices which makes it easy to use from anywhere. The tool is effective in organizing ideas which can be arranged in hierarchical form so that that new topic can be developed. It facilitates brainstorming by creating the central theme of the topic. Simple mind helps to clearly display the information and create visual documents in a beautiful manner. Most importantly, you can use it to record videos and capture voice and save them as files.

  1. MyStudyLife

MyStudylife is the best app for students to plan and stay informed about different events or exams. The app is useful for students who have difficulty in managing their school or college routine and need to accomplish more complex tasks. The best part is it’s customizable and easy to use. This tool is effective in stress management, increasing organizational skills and managing study responsibility.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the best tool when it comes to collaborating for school projects. It is still an effective medium to brainstorm ideas from the colorful images. In addition, Pinterest can help you to stay in track with effective study tips, to meet your study goals and plan study with organizational pins and boards. Creating the specific boards for the study will help you to learn the subject in details and make the research for your assignments much easier.

These tools and apps will help you to stay organized, save time and stay motivated throughout your education.