Tips to compose your essay in the most interesting manner

Tips to compose your essay in the most interesting manner

Writing a good essay can be fun for some of us but for the most of us it is like a burden and we are always dreading the moment when we have to pen down the essay we have been assigned.

The reason behind us, getting bored from writing the essay is that we are not taught how to discipline it to make it the most interesting thing for us. If we know the simple tips and series of steps that make an essay look completely intimidating, then the essay can look its best.

Essay writing could be based on any of the reasons, you could need it for some school assignment, you might be required to write an essay for some college competition, you could have to provide an essay for some contest or any other reason could be there.


To make this dreadful task simple and easier for you, we have gathered here the tips and tricks that will help you compose an essay that will make it much more attractive and interesting and the task of essay writing will become easier for you in future.

Here is a 7 step program that will help you organize your essay and go according to your needs.

  1. Pick a topic for your essay
  2. Prepare an outline of the ideas you will present in essay
  3. Create the thesis of your essay in which you will describe the reader about your thoughts
  4. Write the introduction of the essay, it has to be attractive and catchy so that the reader would not bypass it, make use of a quote, a story or some shocking information to grab the reader
  5. Write the body of the essay in which you will describe the topic, talk against it or simply give your ideas about it
  6. Next you will write the conclusion of the essay, in the conclusion you will give your final verdict about the topic and you will present the conclusive statement for it
  7. Review the whole essay and add the finishing touches to it so that there is nothing left to finish, the strong points must appear before the weak points and the whole body of the essay should be in good order

These are the 7 things you should consider when you are composing an essay and it will give you a very beautifully written essay that will sure attract the user to read it till the end and enjoy it all the way long.

When you follow a specific pattern for writing your essay, you find that the essay is more appealing and interesting than the one that is written haphazardly. We hope these tips will work for you in future and will help you become an extraordinary essay writer. Happy writing to you!