Secrets of Career Growth that Nobody Shares with You

Secrets of Career Growth that Nobody Shares with You
Secrets of Career Growth that Nobody Shares with You

The most difficult job is always the first one; it can be the first job in your life, or first job in the field, first job in a different city, or the first job in a different field. However, there are also times when life may appear to get stagnant in a job after a while. This is due to the lack of career growth, which is to be expected after putting in years of hard work. If a person is undergoing such a scenario, it is highly likely that their co-workers or bosses have not shared the secret of success. The top tips for achieving success in a career that would not be revealed by your colleagues are written below, let’s see them!

Sticking To The Point

The work may appear truly amazing, but others may not share the same feeling. When starting with a new partner or client, it is important to be respectful when it comes to handling their time. There needs to be a lot of planning and cutting down on your speech so that the bare necessities are maintained at the start. The potential clients – or even colleagues – may have a busy life and they may not have time to discuss every points and statement.

Putting the Phone Away

The phones have become part of our daily life, but they are also a huge problem when it comes to achieving career growth. This necessary evil needs to be locked down for a period of the day so that you are able to maintain respect and politeness in front of bosses or colleagues. The habit of frequently checking on the phone has become quite common these days. However, it is important to adopt a habit where phones are used only when necessary. In other periods, it is important to set the phone as silent.

Focusing on Interests

It is to be remembered that every conversation with the company leader or bosses can have a substantial impact with regards to promotion or career growth. In such cases, it is important to spend some time to focus on aspects that they want to hear. This will increase the likelihood of a great conversation and it would open up opportunities to build a great relationship. There is also a general thumb rule that employees should not speak more than a paragraph worth of data without providing a break for the listener. The break will give the superiors or bosses an opportunity to process the information and react. Essentially, it is avoiding monologue by keeping them in conversation.

Focusing on Conversation

The boss may start to heed to your words, but this should not give rise to complacency. The focus on the conversation with the other person should be the prerogative when talking with a superior. It is important to focus on 95% of the subject matter on topics that the executive likes – an area of responsibility key projects, work, and even interests. Over a period, this will inevitably open up opportunities that can help reveal information that can lead to career growth.

Jobs Do Not Matter

There is a huge amount of importance placed on jobs, but these are only temporary. A look back in history reveals that most of the people – around 80% – tend to change jobs every four years, but this has dropped drastically with almost 50% of the workforce changing jobs in half the period. The job-hopping scenario has become a norm and it is made easy by the presence of sites like Jobsora, which serve to connect recruiters with employees. After a while, the education does not become a relevant factor in the current job. Hence, it is important to avoid stressing oneself about the job title as such.

Do Not Work for Money

Many make the mistake of giving too much importance on money early on in their careers. However, this can have a drastic impact later on in their life, as people around them tend to acquire more experiences and move on. However, those who have invested a lot of emotion into money tend to get stuck in a loop. While trying to break into a new job market or an industry that is highly competitive, it is important to hustle. The competition can only be broken by showing a lot of drive, resourcefulness, and passion.

Creating, and Not Waiting for Opportunities

Most feel that an important question in any job is “what am I going to do next?” But this is not the case, as somebody looking to get progressing their career should concentrate on the type of skill that should acquire next or the next accomplishment that may add on the resume. These factors do have a positive impact when it comes to the next job hunt, but such questions can also lead to career growth even in the existing job. Rather than waiting for the right move in the career, it is a good idea to get hired and volunteer for accomplishments that can make a difference on the resume. This shows flexibility and the person may become indispensable over a period.

Avoiding Excuses

An employee does not always feel responsible for any mistake that they may have done. It results in the employee coming up with frequent excuses are trying to shift the blame on the client if there is a problem. However, it should be always remembered that the client IS always right and that it is the employee’s job to adapt based on the requirements of the individual. The client may not understand the business, but they will certainly appreciate any additional effort taken by the employee. Such actions will result in better trust with the boss.

Not Being Honest in the Right Times

The employee may feel that honesty is a great virtue at all times, but this cannot be true. If the employee finds a specific job to be too hard, they should not reveal the same to the boss. This becomes a base to build a bad image, and the boss may shift some of the valuable tasks elsewhere assuming that such tasks may be difficult for someone who is openly admitting difficulty. Even if the task is rather difficult, the employee who wants career growth should try to complete them without any complaints. It is easier said than done, but it is better to complete a task with greater difficulty than to instil doubt in the mind of a boss.


Many of the employees or bosses may not reveal these secrets, but they can hold key towards helping any individual achieve career growth at a time when they feel stagnating in one place. You’ve just received everything you need to know, make sure you use this information wisely!

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