School-Days is helping 300,000 South Africans pay their education fees

School-Days is helping 300,000 South Africans pay their education fees
School-Days is helping 300,000 South Africans pay their education fees

April 2019 – School-Days, a South African bursary-building platform is proud to have reached the 300,000 member mark! This means that 300,000 South Africans have the opportunity to build education bursaries to help them pay towards their families’ school, college and university fees.

The bursary for everyone

It’s a reality that very few students are eligible for traditional academic, sporting and cultural bursaries. What’s great about School-Days is that anyone can build a School-Days bursary to help pay towards their family’s education fees.

Unlike a traditional bursary, a School-Days bursary is for anyone. With School-Days, parents (or grandparents or other family or friends) can grow their own bursaries – without being subject to someone else’s decisions. There are no ‘qualifying criteria’, such as academic or sporting performance, and no financial requirements.

School-Days now has over 300,000 members, and this number continues to grow as more families join School-Days and start building their own education bursaries.

How the platform works

School-Days sources multiple channels of getting free money, consolidated into a single bursary account. For example, when you join School-Days (for free) and shop at School-Days Partners (like Dis-Chem), you get a percentage of your spend added to your personal education bursary.

This is just one of the ways to build your bursary; there are a number of other easy ways too –  like tax-exempt employee benefits, making direct contributions and benefitting when friends and family spend at School-Days Partners.  

After building your bursary over time, you can then use it to pay towards the fees at any registered education institution. As you bursary grows and the more active you are in building it, School-Days awards you with bonuses that help you grow your bursary even faster.

Ian Edwards is one of the members empowered by building a bursary through School-Days. He comments:  

“I hadn’t planned on having four children, and now I have to make the best plan I can to prepare for their education costs. I’m committed to educating my children and growing a bursary with School-Days brings me closer to my goal. Where I stand now, I have enough in my bursary to pay the school fees for one of my children for two years. You can join School-Days and make it work for you, too.”

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! The School-Days team have made it their mission to find ‘free money’ wherever they can – their shopping Partners benefit from your loyalty as you support the retailers who support you! Once you have built your bursary to a certain level, there’s a small admin fee of up to a maximum of R5 (the company needs to keep the lights on to help finding you new ways to build your bursary), but that’s it. You’ll easily make up the admin fee with your monthly bursary building.

Putting the future of education in your hands

School-Days founder Chris Nel strongly believes in the power of education. He says:   “Education is what will change all of us – it changes individuals, who change families, who change communities, who change societies, who change nations, who change continents, who change the world..

When it comes to planning for the future, every little bit helps! That’s why 300,000 South Africans have joined the education revolution, taking the future of education into their hands through School-Days.

It’s 100% free to join, and easy to build a bursary. Click here to join School-Days and start building a bursary for your family’s education:



School-Days gives you the opportunity to build a bursary for your family’s school, college and university fees, helping you provide for their education. The platform is simple, and building a bursary is easy.  

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