Promising Careers For Majors In Criminal Justice

For every society to function smoothly and move towards elevating the qualities of its citizens, some fundamentals need to be in place. Every citizen must get proper education, healthcare, employment, welfare, support, and the rest. Amongst such fundamental rights, justice prevails the most crucial position. No matter how big or small the country is and whatever kind of challenges it faces, if the truth is absent, there will be the presence of inequality, discrimination, crime, and dissatisfaction among citizens. Therefore, current justice is one of the prerequisites in developing society.

From the social standpoint of view, having numerous people pursuing a career in criminal justice is a national service and more than a career choice. It involves servicing people and the state towards seeking and providing justice. Because to improve and develop the justice system of the country, it is vital to have the critical talent to be attracted, retained, and prepared for the way forward.

Similarly, from the personal career-oriented point of view, pursuing majors in criminal justice is a viable option. These programs are multi-versed as students get to study from psychology to law, to social sciences and study of moralities.  Selecting any majors program involves timeframe, finances, and, most importantly, employment and career prospects, and pursuing a degree in criminal justice ticks most of the boxes. Additionally, there are suitable and flexible options to study in such disciplines. Many universities, in addition to conventional programs, offer part-time and online criminal justice degree programs for the students. In this way, students can study alongside their current jobs or other routines without disturbing them.

As discussed above, majors in criminal justice have bright prospects in professional career options. Let’s explore some of them:


One of the typical pursuits after a criminal justice degree is Private Detectives. Besides, to assist and provide services to police forces or local detectives, private investigators take cases on their own, which are not criminal. They are hired or contracted for cases of investigative nature like workers’ compensation claims, background checks, finding information related to divorces cases or civil cases.  They require extensive knowledge of criminal law, forensics, and reconnaissance, along with working experience as a local detective in public office.


Demands of Police Officers never seem to go down anytime, as they are the first line of force in the whole scheme of any country’s security and defense sector. The prime job of police officers is not only to detect and catch criminals but to prevent the community from crimes altogether. Every county, state, or district needs police officers; in this way, this profession provides individual job security. However, to operate and function to the full potential as a police officer requires more than just a degree but also physical and mental training, law enforcement rules and regulations, cultural orientation, to name a few.


Probation Officers are responsible for providing rehabilitation to the convicted and help them come out as a transformed and improved version of themselves. They also assist the ones who are out of the prisons but under probation. They investigate the history, background check, and related details of the prisoners and provide recommendations regarding their prospective sentences or orders. Probation officers must possess specialized oral, written, counseling, and psychological skills on top of an undergraduate degree in criminal justice to perform their regular duties and responsibilities. Since it connects police work and court jurisdictions, there are many possibilities of promotion in both categories for a probation officer.


Due to their specialized skills and experience, and a rise in sophisticated crimes, fraud investigators are quite high in demand. They are required to look out for corporate financial frauds like false insurance claims and payments, property damages, etc. It involves gathering clues and pieces of evidence, interrogating involved parties, and reporting their findings to the client who hired them. However, due to increased legislation and regulations introducing in the world ahead, more and more loopholes will be exploited by many, and resultantly fraud investigation will be in high demand going forward.


Being a forensic specialist is a very worthwhile and in-demand profession if anyone pursues a criminal justice degree in combination with a forensics degree. It will make the individuals knowledgeable about the whereabouts and science behind any crime scene. Understanding physics, chemistry, and psychology, along with chemistry, enables these professionals to get jobs as a forensic psychologist, forensic scene technician, ballistic expert, and blood pattern analyst.  Usually, these specialized jobs provide handsome salaries of six figures, which make them one of the highest-paid jobs for criminal justice degree holders.


Degree in Criminal Justice provides many unique and prevalent opportunities for individuals. However, every specialized field requires specific skills and experience on top of such majors. Therefore, to increase their chances of getting employment as well as serving in good faith, one must need to keep on improving their work experience alongside specific courses and studies