Need Help Writing My Research Paper

Need Help Writing My Research Paper
Need Help Writing My Research Paper

Choice of Topic

Witting a research paper can be one of the most challenging activities that a student can
go through their school life. This article will provide a guide that will enable students to be able to write good quality papers without being asked to revise the work severally. In the event whereby a topic of the research paper has not been offered, then it is good to come up with a topic that you are familiar with its concepts. This would make it easy to search for information required for the research paper. Ensure that the topic chosen is arguable so as to be able to come up with strong points that the opponent cannot challenge. In the case whereby a topic has been given, analyses it critically to understand its meaning before commencing with the essay writing process.


Once you are familiar with your research paper topic, develop a question that you will intend to answer. This constitutes the thesis statement, and it determines the kind of information that you will include in your research paper. Carry out extensive research and lust down all the possible points that you wish to explain in the paper. In addition, list the references used to collect the information for use when adding in-text citations. This ensures that the citations are added to the correct information.

Actual Writing

The actual writing of your research paper is the process of putting together the information that you have collected. Begin by writing an introductory paragraph which gives a small overview of what the rest of the paper will be about. Complete this paragraph by writing the statement of the question that the research paper intends to answer. As well, this is followed by the body paragraphs whereby each of them begins with a topic sentence. An analysis is them written based on the topic sentence. If necessary, the topic sentences can be explained further through the use of examples. Write a concluding paragraph which offers a summary of the various pointed outlined out in the research paper. It is in this paragraph whereby you show the connection between the points and the manner in which they contribute to the thesis statement.

Also, it is advisable to offer your opinions and feelings regarding the topic in this paragraph.

The body paragraph is purely made for factual writing on the topic.

Some research papers might be longer hence requiring the writer to include an abstract, methodology, findings and explanations. In the case whereby these are required in the instructions, then there is nothing to worry about because you already have the points to include in your research. These points will act as your findings, and their explanations will be your recommendations. The abstract is a brief outline of what the paper is about, and it is written before the introductory paragraph. The methodology is a description of the manner in which the information was collected and the tools that were used to collect data.

Proofreading and Editing

Once you have finished writing the paper, read it out loud to identify spelling and grammar mistakes. This is best done after two hours to ensure that the mind does not read what the writer thinks that they wrote. The proofreading helps in the writer to add details or eliminate them where necessary.