InHome Montessori – See me-understand me-learn with me

InHome Montessori – See me-understand me-learn with me
InHome Montessori - See me-understand me-learn with me

How do you merge the concept of quality education, home-based learning and a proven learning style that has been around for over a century? InHome Montessori advocates the unique Montessori approach, redefined for the world in the midst of a pandemic. The holistic and scientifically proven learning methods developed by Dr Maria Montessori are now more easily accessible in the home, giving parents and caregivers the security and freedom to steer their children’s learning journey independently.

The Montessori method of learning is rooted in the concept of hands-on, self-directed learning and collaborative play. The child-centred approach allows children to make creative choices in their learning, enabling them to discover and explore their world and to develop their maximum potential. InHome Montessori has taken the holistic and scientifically proven methods of the Montessori philosophy and simplified its complexities for parents, nannies and au pairs.

Madeline Hoban, Head of Research and Development at InHome Montessori says, “The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on basic education in South Africa has necessitated a lot of rethinking in terms of learning models. Research has proven that active parental involvement in the formative pre-school years is an indicator of lifelong social, emotional and academic success. The InHome Montessori curriculum has been designed as a mechanism for parents to confidently impact their child’s ongoing learning journey with the peace of mind that they have given their child the best start in life.

The revised, remote Montessori curriculum is affordable, easy to use and flexible, allowing the family to fit it into their routine.

Hoban expands, “In using an established curriculum whilst modifying the approach to suit South African households, we focus on empowering parents and caregivers with the skills and tools to provide a rich and fun learning environment in the home, which can be done full-time or as a supplement to the child’s school curriculum.

There is no safer and more secure place for a child than their own home. The internet boom and post COVID shift to remote working has made it easier to keep your child in a comfortable and familiar environment that fuels their imagination. The Montessori curriculum speaks to each individual in a language they understand, making the learning process more accessible for the child”.

The Montessori method applies the idea that happiness is a direct result of learning, and it should never be a stressful process for the parent or the child. The curriculum is designed to empower both parent and child in a fun, enjoyable, entertaining and engaging way.

Hoban expands, “Parents looking for a home curriculum that extends beyond just the academic development of a child will find that InHome Montessori embeds all the basic principles of whole child development.

The programme incorporates executive functioning skills like planning, self-control and working memory, within the parameters of respect for the child, creativity, freedom and social skills”.

She concludes, “The first 1000 days of a child’s life is the best window of opportunity to maximise and bolster learning ability in the long-term.

In a time when learning has become more independent than ever before, due to the nature of the pandemic, this approach offers a new freedom to learn and play in a safe environment”.

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