How to write an essay fast

How to write an essay fast
How to write an essay fast

Need to write  an application essay, scholarship essay, reflective essay, narrative essay in no time? Before we start pondering about how to write an essay fast, the first question we should be asking ourselves is “what is an essay.” In a nutshell, an essay is the piece of writing you would be penciling on a particular topic. You will need to carry out research on the topic in hand in order to make it a good piece so it can add value to the reader’s knowledge. Of  course you can order custom essay writing and will minimize efforts. But we review another way how to do it yourself. The nine points described below will enable you to embark on your essay writing exercise in no time.

  1. Brainstorming

What is the best way to write an essay? Brainstorming is the kind of first intuitive step you would opt before you start writing exercise. This process is integral as it can give you plenty of ideas to work on. Every idea coming through will not necessarily be workable, and you will still need to discard a few and keep the most viable ones. After you have shortlisted the ideas, you will need to make a plan on how to build on them according to your topic.

  1. Focus on your feelings and experience

This point is associated with brainstorming in many ways. As you are going through the process of developing ideas at this stage, you will need to focus on your feelings and experience. The most suitable ideas to build your essay around will be the ones you feel strongly positive and motivate about or which are based on your personal experience. It can be the combination of both, feelings and experience, or just one of them.

  1. Read some examples

If you want to rush through this project and have a consistent question in your mind such as how to write an essay fast and easy, then you must read some examples. The internet is your starting point to find examples of your topic area. Reading examples can give you a host of new ideas. By reading different approaches of the writers, you can develop your own unique approach towards your topic.

  1. Writing

Writing is an art which requires a good deal of practice to develop your own style and approach. This is like any other thing in the world which if you want to perfect, you will have to put your heart and soul in it to come out as a professional. You will find many people asking how to write an essay in one hour; the answer is practice, practice, and practice.

  1. Structure

How to write a long essay depends on the structure. Most writing pieces have a three-part structure. First of all, you should write an introduction in which you will briefly introduce the reader to your topic or the problem at hand and your approach towards it. The second part is the body; this is where you will link all your ideas to the reasoning and logic you may have to give to support your ideas. The body is your argumentative part of writing. Lastly, you will conclude what you have discussed in detail in the body, and you may give your point of view and some suggestions also.

  1. Use metaphors with no clichés

Metaphors have always been used as a smart tool by the writers. What you need to ensure is that you’re using the metaphors in your piece, you should best avoid mixing them clichés or not to use the latter at all as it just leads to loss of meaning. If as a writer, you cannot come up with appropriate metaphors, it is always better to explain the ideas in plain and simple language, and you will not go wrong.

  1. Add some humor

You should also consider adding some humor in your essay at some stage. The best point is where you think the reader is absorbing so much information or emotions, and it is better to alleviate some of it by using words or sentences to bring laughter, just to lighten up the things and make the reader ready for what to come next.

  1. Polish poem

What’s an essay and what is the meaning of expressions? An expression here means that you should focus on reading the existing work on or around your topic area to come up with ideas of your own.

  1. Read, show and present

Read, show and present are three elements of writing which if carried out efficiently. It will make you a good writer. It is all about how proficiently you are able to present your topic with the aid of logic and rationale reasoning by staying relevant.


Writing an essay is not an uphill task, but it does require some good research and practice. The task becomes impossible to achieve if you do not familiarize yourself with your topic very well. The aforementioned nine points can serve as a blueprint on your journey to writing a well-structured essay. Each point holds significance in its own way, and if you miss touching upon on any of these you might end up writing a meaningless piece and have a confused reader.