How to become an audiologists – Career – Salary – Education

In India, audiology courses provides various levels of courses which includes bachelors, postgraduate and for the doctors also. Audiology is the part of science which discuss the study of hearing, balancing, and other related disorders through test with the hearing aids. It also deals with the people sound system and their health related issues.

Experts in the audiology is known as audiologists. They are licensed as professionals who hold the master’s degree, doctorate in audiology, and P.H.D in a hearing services.

Audiologists use various process to found whether an individual is an hearing aids or not by:
Hearing test,hqdefault.jpg
Electrophysiological tests, and
Otoacoustic emission measurements.

Criteria for Audiology eligibility

  • For Diploma Degree: They has to qualify 10+2 science and different examination
  • For Bachelors Degree: They has to qualify 10+2 science with physics, chemistry, maths/biology and a different examination.
  • For Post Graduate Degree: They has to graduate in respective discipline of Speech & Audiology

These Audiology courses and their degrees are helpful in India as well as in abroad.

Audiology and hearing therapy includes various types of courses
Audiology and Acoustical Science:

This course gives the information about the sound. This includes the properties of sound, how is sound moves and changes from one form to another form. It also gives the information that how to measure the frequency and the intensity of the sound. This course is studied in the first year of the graduate one.

Audiologists equipment:

Audiologists used a specialized equipment to test and treat the hearing problems. In this clinical course it is taught that how to use the instruments safely. For measuring brain impulses there is an electronic instruments is used to evaluate the hearing levels.
This course is also completed in the first year of the study.


The patients who are suffering from the hearing loss, amplifications is used for increasing and clarifying the sound for the them. In this course with the amplifications devices, hearing aids is surveyed. This course should also complete in the first year of the study.

Auditory Anatomy

In this auditory anatomy course, the audiologists learn to locate and name the parts of the hearing and the balance systems. Beginning with the outer ear the auditory system is broken into the bones, canals, and cochlea which takes the report to the brain. This graduate course should be completed in the second year of the study.

Pediatric Audiology Training

Pediatric audiologists is specialists in the testing and treatment of the hearing issues and the balancing issues held in the child’s body. In this course the students learn to assess the speech and hearing issues in babies and the children. This course is usually taken at the end of the graduate degree of the audiology.

Pharmacology for Audiologists

In this Audiology course the students learn that, what medications and drug influence the side effects that may cause to the result of the hearing loss or the balance disorders. Understanding the cause for the deafness can help the audiologists to have a treatment which can cure them completely. The side effects from some medications leads to the hearing loss. This is the advanced study.

There are more courses in the audiology and speech therapy:

  • B.Sc. (hearing and the speech)
  • M.Sc. (Audiology)
  • M.Sc. (Speech and language pathology)
  • Bachelors of special education (Hearing loss)
  • Ph.D (Speech-language pathology)
  • Ph.D (audiology)
  • Certificate course on sound disorder

There is the content which includes the following fields:

  • Introduction to linguistics
  • Introduction to audiology
  • Clinical practicum
  • Basic human anatomy and physiology

Audiology Career Prospects

Audiologists can do jobs with the teaching and establishments in the health care. Several NGOs offer good employments to these professionalises. In speech and hearing therapy audiologists conduct the clinical activities with the patients.

Nowadays, there are very few audiologists of speech and hearing are left in India. And requirement for these specialists is increasing from time to time. This means that there is an excellent scope to become an audiologists of speech and hearing.

The degree for this job is very beneficial in India and out of the India as speech and hearing expert. Candidates having this degree can employee in government as well as the private institutions.