Here are 3 things SPARK scholars are doing to keep their toilets clean this World Toilet Day

SPARK scholars are keeping their toilets clean this World Toilet Day
SPARK scholars are keeping their toilets clean this World Toilet Day

On November 19th, the world observed World Toilet Day to raise awareness about the importance of sanitation and inspire collective action to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

The theme for this year’s World Toilet Day is “valuing toilets” which seeks to stress the necessity of toilets in our lives. With that said, 3.6 billion people still live without ‘safely managed sanitation service’ and 1000 children died per day from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor sanitation in 2013.

SPARK Scholars
SPARK Scholars

One of SPARK Schools’ 5th core value is Responsibility which teaches scholars to demonstrate self-control and be accountable for their actions. They pay attention, follow directions, complete assignments, and seek to understand how their actions impact others.

And as part of their act of responsibility, the scholars shared 3 tips on how they are keeping their toilets clean:

 1. We have a visual schedule

Visual scheduled with pictures to indicate the steps involved in using the bathroom are in every SPARK Schools toilet.

2. We clean up after ourselves

Scholars are involved in the schools cleaning efforts; they have a larger sense of responsibility to keep their toilet space clean by cleaning up after themselves. From throwing away trash to flushing toilets and turning off sinks to stopping vandalism.

3. The school toilet is stocked up and all dispensers are full

Our school toilets are always stocked with these items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Soap

Having these items available in the school toilets encourage proper usage of the school toilet facilities.

Co-founder and CEO of SPARK Schools Stacey Brewer says, “Every school should be a health-promoting location for learning and the importance of cleanliness in school reaches far beyond the way things look. The health and wellbeing of our scholars is our top priority, and we advocate the importance of improving sanitation in order to minimise health impacts and achieve a sustainable environment’’.

SPARK scholars always keeping their toilets clean
SPARK scholars always keeping their toilets clean