Cornerstone Institute partnership with Arcadia University, where five students have been selected to study community fieldwork

By Thembela Nelson Mgudlwa

Cornerstone Institute has a partnership with Arcadia University, where five students have been selected to study community fieldwork. These five students are from different fields of study discipline, they have arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday to learn about social justice and to experience Cape Town. When they entered the institution they couldn’t hold their excitement of being in Cornerstone Institute.

Kamil Manhood Kiani, from Earlham College, says he choose Cornerstone as it is part of the programme that Arcadia University runs for our study abroad.

“I am just glad to be at this institute and knowing what is expected to do. I would be attending to community needs. I really expect to learn a lot of things about social justice.

One of my major expectations from this whole program to learn how to make a social impact in my community back home. I have been told that Cornerstone is a non-profit and it their first year to be involved in the programme. I am so excited to learn about diversity within South African.”

The Cornerstone Institute is a non-profit, fully accredited Private Higher Education Institution and a partner institution of Arcadia University in Cape Town. It presents an intimate learning environment where students get to know one another and their faculty and staff. As part of Arcadia’s partnership with Cornerstone, South African students at Cornerstone also take part in our Core Course and study alongside Arcadia students.

Alexander Raymond also from Earlham college, says he chooses “to study in Cornerstone because of its history of being NGO and working with the community. He chooses South Africa specifically because it has a very rich history of social justice activists and people who contribute to discourse about post-colonial theory and I’m a major in anthropology specifically cultural anthropology. I think like I think I could learn some very valuable ideas about my field of study from people here.”
These students will be spending a whole semester at Cornerstone Institute and they are expected to be in class and do some community work.

“I am here because it’s through Arcadia University and the Institute we do what I am expecting to further my knowledge of social justice. But within the Cape Town in South African Community and learning more about South Africa. I would love to come back here afterwards, said Khalila Early-Zaid.

“We are very excited to have these international students coming and studying with our institution this semester. We are a source of hope and inspiration for many students who have chosen to study at Cornerstone,” said Noel Daniels, CEO of Cornerstone Institute.