Buying English 101 Essays: Pros and Cons for South African Students

Buying English 101 Essays: Pros and Cons for South African Students
Buying English 101 Essays: Pros and Cons for South African Students. Photo: Pixabay

Essay writing help is a popular service you can find both online and offline. Evidently, students mostly order essays online and much rarer address their peers for support. Students around the world pay for academic guidance, and South African students are not an exception. The key reason for it – the same as other students they are often snowed under assignments and need some assistance to deal with them at the required level of quality in order to earn normal grades and, finally, a diploma. Education is necessary for career success and financial independence. Students are well aware of it, so they are more focused on getting a needed diploma, not on personally writing all the assignments. We are not going to judge this practice. We would like to discuss the pros and cons of buying English 101 essays – the basic assignments college students have to deal with.


  • You learn from expert writers and their experience. Trustworthy agencies hire experienced writers Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders. They have written hundreds of English 101 essays and are capable of doing it brilliantly. It means that receiving a final draft written by such author you can use it as a sample of your future similar works. Of course, you will have to spend some time analyzing the submitted material, but it is worth it. More of it, you can communicate with the assigned writer and ask for some guidance. Mostly, experienced writers are very friendly and eager to share.
  • You get more spare time. More than 60% of the modern students complain that they don’t have enough time for basic activities, for example, sports or even sleep. Buying essays online you get at least a little time for something you need or want to do now. It can be a side job, relationship, paying attention to your sports routine or other hobbies. Students also want to have life and professors often forget about it.
  • You have an opportunity to focus on something important. Not all the assignments are equally crucial for your academic development and future career, so it is normal to delegate them. If you don’t do it too often, you will be able to maintain a healthy balance.


  • It can be risky. Despite all the claims, writing services sometimes appear to be scams or just don’t do their work as good as promised. However, this risk is inherent to any online and offline services. You should be careful and try to reduce those risks as any responsible person. To buy or not to buy English 101 essays is entirely up to you. However, when choosing an essay writing service, you should not neglect opportunities to reduce potentials risks: never disclose more personal information than minimally required; choose only services which offer reliable and known payment options; check the received final draft immediately and discuss every questionable moment with a writer or a support team manager; if you find a reliable service, ask for the same author every time you need essay writing help.
  • You can get dependent on such help. Some students manage to maintain a healthy balance between the assignments they write themselves and those they order. However, some students get trapped and can’t stop buying essays online. Some of them are just lazy, some are afraid to fail. Whatever the reason is, it is critically important not to order more than 15-25% of your written tasks. Otherwise, you can get too used to it and ruin your academic writing routine.
  • Essay writing services are not free. Of course, there are lots of websites with free samples which you can download. However, all of them are used for hundreds of times, so you can get accused of plagiarism. Reliable writing services are not too cheap and buying essays can severely damage your budget. Be careful and try to place orders earlier — the closer the deadline is, the more you will pay.

It is challenging to graduate from college or university without addressing a particular custom writing service for help. Be careful, choose wisely, don’t get too used to such assistance and everything will be more than fine. Good luck!