Are you still looking to begin your tertiary education in 2019?

Are you still looking to begin your tertiary education in 2019?
Monash South Africa (MSA)

As many universities wrap up their admissions for 2019, some private higher education institutions including Monash South Africa (MSA) are continuing to accept applications for the 2019 academic year. Like many matriculants, MSA is celebrating their 18th birthday. For nearly two decades the Johannesburg campus has been providing high quality education to ambitious students from South Africa and across the globe.

President and Academic President of MSA, Professor Alwyn believes that, “As there are numerous private higher education institutions in our country, institutions need to stand out to attract students. Private institutions of higher learning must position themselves strategically regarding what they offer and their capabilities. The impact of an institution is important, and need to be offering an immersive educational experience with strong student outcomes and on-time completion rates, and impressive employability outcomes. An institution requires a good graduation rate to ensure a robust reputation.”

It’s important for prospective students to note, that private higher education institutions are by law, are subject to the same regulations, accreditation requirements and oversight as public universities. MSA programmes have full accreditation, and are aligned with standards set by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

“South African tertiary institutions have no excuses not to offer exceptional educational opportunities to our local and international students. At MSA we want to continue to deliver exceptional quality and will ensure our strategic approach remains innovative and contributes to the national agenda,” said Louw.

MSA students can continue to choose from over 30 study areas. The institution continues to introduce highly relevant programmes and degrees from Law to Engineering, with an additional five new programmes launching 2019, including Mechanical Engineering, Child and Youth Care, a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics. Students can also explore cross faculty double majors for a more personalised education experience.

Although a private institution, MSA also recognises the importance of a campus social life and activities. New students will be able to experience some of the fun activities planned for MSA Orientation Week, which includes learning the ropes, meeting new peers and many fun activities including a colour run, outdoor movie night and a party for the ‘Freshers’. For those interested in staying on campus, the residence staff also arranges events that students can participate in every semester. After all, what is hard work and no play?

For those who haven’t applied and still want to further their studies at a world class higher education institution in South Africa, MSA is the solution. Applications are still open and the application process can be done online at  or you can visit the campus directly