Advantages of Studying Online for IES Exam


IES Exam or Indian Engineering Services Exam is a branch of UPSC Exam that qualifies people from engineering background to offer their expert services to the nation through Central Government. The job allotted is based on the stream of your expertise. Be it mechanical works, civil, railways, telecommunication or manufacturing, you have government jobs for all categories. A lot of students appear to crack this exam but only a few emerge successful as there is limited number of seats for the aspirants. It requires a lot of hard work to crack the IES Exam. It is the UPSC that conducts the IES Exam and the Government of India chooses its best candidates upon the recommendation of UPSC. The application forms are out in the month of March and the IES Exam is conducted in the month of June. So, there is not a lot of time to prepare. You need to plan this beforehand and start preparing for it at least 6 months prior to the date of application.

We all know that competitive exams require a lot of preparation and mental stamina. Also, the charges for a conventional coaching can be expensive. We neither can afford a lot of money and time for preparation. That is where technology comes to the rescue. Now comes the concept of Online Preparation for IES Exam. Why should you take up Online Preparation when the conventional classes put forth a convincing rate of pass percentage? You might just be wondering what benefits online preparation can give you and what kind of boost does this method give. Well, this article is about the advantages of studying online for IES Exam and given below is the list of Advantages you must look out for.

  • Exposure to more Information

Online study materials provide a little more than the study materials given out in the usual coaching classes. Internet is updated and keeps updating itself every now and then. The exam not only tests your theoretical knowledge but also tries to bring out your understanding of the things going around you right now. To constantly get updated on current affairs, online study materials are really helpful. Furthermore, you can gain in depth knowledge about everything you ever wanted to know about.

  • Comfortable Study Location

Studying online for the IES Exam from home has its own perks. First of them is not having to be a part of the herd. Traditional coaching classes have a lot of students and the training is highly impersonal. You have to have some motivation and interest to keep you up with the spirits of Examination while being there in such classes. But, with the help of internet, you can sit at home and do your work. You have access to everything you want and you need not do anything to please someone else.

  • Multiple Teaching Sessions

What will happen if you miss a class in college? You lose the content taught for the day and you are a day behind everyone else. The same thing will happen here in the usual coaching classes. You miss a class due to some emergency and you freak out for you have lost the day’s session. You have missed the notes and you are lagging behind. This problem has been overcome as a result of online teaching sessions. You can miss classes and still find the video online for future purposes. You can play the video as many times as you want and have full control over your understanding.

  • Can concentrate on other exams and work

IES Exam is a big deal. But, your college exam will determine whether or not you will be eligible to take the exam. The IES Exam is in the month of June and generally, engineering exams (Semester) happens during the month of April and May and can sometimes be extended to June. You cannot lose out on your education for something that is highly dependable on your passing possibilities of your graduation exams. Hence, it is advisable to take up online coaching classes to have your time scheduled to properly delegate attention to all the tasks that are essential for your sustenance.

  • Saves Money

Online classes are cheaper than normal classes as everything is done through the net. You don’t have to spend money on materials and work for anything that is physically present. You get almost everything online and if you have an online tutor, you get personal attention to get your doubts cleared. You save money not only on the course but also on travelling and food expenses. So, you can save a lot for future purposes.

  • Unlimited Mock Tests

IES Exam is competitive and the more you practice, the better you perform. You get a ton of Model Question Papers and you also get the Answer Key. Answer Keys are important. Sometimes, you get the necessary guidance from things online and you will be able to think from a wider perspective every time. This is what is tested in such exams. You get access to a lot of papers and you also get to learn how the answers are derived. Practise makes perfect and yes, this is an opportunity to perfect the things you are not so confident about.

Above mentioned are the Advantages of Studying Online for IES Exam and this method makes your life easy and smooth. You can actually study without the pressure of other things and thus make a better performance.


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