7 Tips For Taking Essay Tests


One of the biggest difficulties students face is not having the necessary degree of impressive writing skills needed to meet up with the demands for a high quality essay.  The challenge often lies in the inability to transmit on paper that which already lies in the head. Despite the seeming difficulties faced, essay test is a major exam element that cannot really be avoided. Excellent and well-written essays boost student’s chances of emerging with better grades. In this article, we will be looking at those important factors that every student who wants to score well at essay exam should know about. An essay is basically divided into an introductory section, the body and the conclusion. 



A good introduction creates a positive first impression with a smooth flow of ideas that make it easy for your readers to follow. Essay test introductory answer should be strong and captivating enough to hold the attention of your readers. It is always better to start with a quotation. Quotes are effective ways to hold and direct reader’s attention. Background information, an overview and paraphrasing the question together with some definitions will make a good introduction.


The body lies between the introduction and the conclusion. The following points should be noted when crafting the body of your essay:

Understand the concept

It is important that you carefully study the given question to have a good grasp of what is required. The most important part of essay writing lies in understanding the basic instructions, the type of essay and having the ability to deal competently with the timing requirement. Failure to comprehend the task given will lead to poor overall performance.



Plan your paragraphs

Good planning can help to alleviate your writing challenges and increase your level of creativity. Understand what you need to articulate and prioritize presenting your ideas according to the subject matter. Irrelevant ideas get readers confused. Finish a particular idea in each paragraph before you begin another. Focus on making your ideas as clear and as specific as possible. It is wise never to forget the allotted time for the entire exercise. Note that there are professional writers who are always ready to help you with your assignment. All you need is to ask “please do my assignment”, and you will be helped by a competent team of expert writers.  Good writers intuitively calculate the time required for each paragraph and are mindful of diction and accuracy when crafting ideas.

Communicate with clarity

It is good to figure out the essence of the message for each paragraph before you begin. Every paragraph should be clear in its message with a uniqueness that is entirely its own. Well developed ideas are refined and well explained. An average paragraph should be about 5 to 7 sentences. At the start of the paragraph, use a captivating topic sentence. Try not to make a mistake, be it structural or grammatical.  The beginning of a paragraph often matters a lot. Develop and illustrate the point in each paragraph. It is important that the start of each paragraph shares a connection with what has gone before and that the concluding sentence hints at what the next paragraph will be centred on. Do not use nonstandard diction.  Nonstandard diction includes words such as “ain’t,” “theirselves,” “anyways,” etc.

Be specific

How do you know if your writing is specific? Keep your response focused on the specific question asked.  Avoid giving lengthy responses that lack balance and meaning. It’s good to have a moment of thinking time about how to respond to a difficult question in order to gain clarity before responding. While answering, demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the essay question and know that your script could be read by anyone. Some students make the mistake of thinking that answers are generally easy to grasp. Good answers should be concise and explicit. Respond to questions positively and try to carry your audience along in your manner of response. Do not overuse short and simple sentences. Combination of short and long sentences shows the ability to respond appropriately to formal and complex concepts.  

Avoid first person pronoun

First person pronoun makes the writer seem less confident of his ideas. It is better to avoid them as much as possible since using them can give the essay an informal tone. It is important to note that readers are mindful of the fact that they are reading your opinion, so stating it again in your paper is not necessary. First person pronoun includes “I,” “my,”  “me,” “we,” “us,” etc.

Do not use contractions or slang expressions

Sentences are better when they contain words that are not contracted. Ideally, formal sentences sound better when they are crafted without contraction.


She isn’t a good girl

She is not a good girl

The last sentence above sounds much better and therefore more formal. It is also important in essay writing to avoid the use of colloquial diction such as yeah, okay, etc. Slang generally should be avoided as a rule in an essay exam. Slang is a language that is not considered standard in the English language. It is usually spoken and used by a particular group of individuals. As a result, it conveys an informal tone that should never be used in formal compositions.


Introductions and conclusions have a significant influence on the overall quality of your paper. When writing the conclusion, it is noteworthy to incorporate the basic ideas contained in each of the paragraphs in the concluding text. The concluding section should leave the reader with thought provoking, interesting and captivating analyses that will not only enrich their minds but also demonstrate how logical and useful your essay is in creating a new understanding. Do not summarize when you are supposed to conclude. Conclusion requires that intelligible points are made from out of the existing ideas within the paper.


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