5 Tips to Write College Application Essays That Work

5 Tips to Write College Application Essays That Work.
5 Tips to Write College Application Essays That Work. Image courtesy: travelandleisure.com

College education has been the road to achieving many young dreams across the world – whether of making money, ruling the corporate world, inventing new technology or making a difference to the community. However the complex application process is often enough to dampen the most aspiring minds. And part of this process is writing the application essay which most applicants find scary enough to make them stop thinking about college. If you have found yourself in a similar situation – take heart. Make college application essay writing easier on your nerves with these 5 tips that work!

Make a plan

At the very beginning of the year – like now – decide which are the colleges you wish to apply to. And then look up their websites for application schedules – do note that different countries and sometimes different colleges within the same country can have different deadlines for college applications. For example US colleges accept applications January through September while in Australia and New Zealand the academic year begins in February. So depending upon where you wish to apply, start making a plan for your admission essay. You will not only need hours to brainstorm ideas but adequate time to compose your essay using a proper structure and figurative language. Also experts like from online essay help sites like EssayWriter4u suggest that you let the first draft of your essay lie around for a day or so. Putting some distance between you and the essay will help you to chuck out irrelevant portions while you refine those parts that add more value to what you have to say. Finally keep enough elbow room between completing your essay and the deadline so that in case of emergencies or unscheduled time out with family and friends, you have enough reaction time to get back to the essay.

Have a central idea

In some cases colleges already specify what they are looking for in an admission essay. Just follow the guidelines – like what format to follow, the desired style and tone of the essay or whether you need to write on a specific topic – and you should be fine. Generally though the college would leave it to the applicants to write something about themselves and why they should be given a chance to study here. This becomes trickier. What you need to remember is that you should have a solid point to make. Rambling about your childhood and past experiences will rarely help you make it to the selection line. Even when you are mentioning your high grades in school, sports victories or other co-curricular accomplishments, ensure that they coalesce into a coherent whole. This will tell the selectors how capable you are and why should they offer you a seat. you can also adopt a theme-based approach too like choosing work that you are passionate about or vision for society that is close to your heart and then go on to write your essay about it. If all this seems a lot of the fundamental thing is to remember is there are qualified writers around like at ThanksForTheHelp who can help you put together your ideas about your future.

Weed out the mood-downers

For a thinking, aware individual like you, it is only natural that you have opinions on a spectrum of topics that matter – like religion, sexuality, gender and politics. However adopting too extreme a view or belligerent a tone might not go down well with the evaluator of your admission essay. For one, you don’t know the ideological leanings of the person given to read your paper and for another, it is possible that you do not have, as yet, all the knowledge necessary to take a definite stand on any contentious matter. So ideally, look for topics which you can explore in positive ways and keep the style discursive rather than strident and argumentative. To this end experienced writers from bestassignmenthelp can assist you in crafting a well-rounded essay. At the same time, it is quite possible that you may not like to talk about some experiences from your past like a loss of school year or run-in with the law. Do understand that it is wrong to lie about your experiences but you can always be honest about your past and say how the lessons it has taught you, make you a better person today.


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Don’t forget to edit

No matter how expert you are at writing or how strong your grasp on your favourite subject, it is always possible that there may be errors in your essay. But this is something that you just don’t want when submitting it for college admission. Spelling bloopers and grammatical mistakes don’t just look bad on paper but it could be interpreted as signs of a careless personality or a slacker at work. So go through your essay with the editorial version of a fine-tooth comb to eliminate both stylistic and technical errors that can for example ruin your CDR Report. If you find all this too stressful, get in touch with editing experts from TopAssignmentExperts since all the hard work you have put into the essay deserves to get the best finishing touch possible.

Be yourself

When you think about the hundreds of essays that a college admission official has to go through every day, you realize how easy it is to fall into a general way of writing that blots out all markers of an individual voice and intellect. So when writing your college admission essay, be careful to imbue it with your own writing style that reflects your unique selfhood. Above all, avoid any kind of plagiarism, whether of content or images. If you wish to include quotes, attribute them properly according to accepted citation practices of the college or university where you wish to apply. Finally believe in yourself and your vision in life – as long as you can express that with precision and panache, you are sure to come up with the perfect college admission essay.

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