5 Things for college student to remember before the start of academic year

5 Things for college student to remember before the start of academic year
5 Things for college student to remember before the start of academic year. Photo: Pixabay

It is that time of the year again when you are assailed by mixed feelings about returning to college. While you are sorry to let go of balmy summer days of doing nothing, you are also excited about getting back to college mates, the wackiness of the dorm and the many delights of the campus. However the beginning of the academic year also means getting back to studies and coursework. So whether you are have just enrolled into the college of your dreams or are back to the familiar grind, here are 5 tips on starting the new academic session on the right note.

Money matters

Even before you leave home, this is one job you should have already looked into – settling your finances. Be aware of what your bank account balance is and if applicable, check your the status of your scholarship, education loan money or college fund. The fundamental thing is to draw up a budget and keep to it. Against your funds, calculate the major expenses you are likely to incur right away – like tuition, school supplies, hostel rent or even a new laptop. Then there is medical insurance without which you could be saddled with high hospital bills and doctors’ fees in case of an illness or medical emergency. Don’t forget to add a travel outlay in your budget, even if you are staying on campus. If you plan to take professional help with coursework that sites like ThanksForTheHelp offer, you will have to factor that in your study expenses as well. And finally, put aside some money for discretionary expenses since you are sure to want to enjoy a little, every now and then, with friends and on your own.

Draw up a schedule

It is not for nothing that college planners are among the first items students stock up after the beginning of the academic year. A planner will help you mark the most important dates – like exam schedules and important coursework submission deadlines – right away so that you can pace your studies accordingly. Additionally once you are aware of tentative dates of tests and exams, you can plan your holidays and other social events around them. At the same time, be a little flexible and keep enough elbow room before crucial assignment submission dates. You could get caught up in a family emergency or fall sick right which in turn may mess up your study plans. However don’t stress too much since there are useful online assignment companies like OnlineAssignmentWriting which can assist you with writing your college essays and coursework.

Apply for the part-time gigs

Right at the start of the academic year, when the new arrivals are still settling down and studies are yet to pick up pace, check out the part-time gigs on campus. If you are not among the elite born in the lap of college trust funds, it is quite possible that you will need a couple of odd jobs to pitch in with college expenses. There are the usual options like part-time shifts at the campus library or waiting at restaurants or even bartending on weekend nights. Also check out online opportunities like website designing, content writing or even offering online tuitions in your own subjects. Whatever be the kind of work you wish to do on the side, ensure that you are able to balance it with your studies which is of course the primary reason why you are in college. For all those times that you are too exhausted after working part-time, you can always depend on assignment portals like PaperDoers to help you with your homework and college papers.


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Get your social life in order

Among the reasons that many sophomores yearn to return is meeting up with college mates after a longish break. Who better than to paint the town red other than your dorm mates or class mates who get your crazy ideas! But while these years are about living life footloose and fancy free, remember this is also the only time you really have to prepare for your career. So by all means go partying and clubbing with friends but be careful to strike a balance – for example keep your recreation avenues for the weekends and only after you have finished your homework. Additionally keep off substance abuse, no matter how strong the temptation. For all these reasons, it is important to choose your friends with care since the wrong set can send you down a self-destruct spiral while the right kind can inspire you to head for self-growth.

New kind of learning

If this is your first year in college, forget about how you studied at high school. While your teachers there probably structured the lessons in manageable bits and then prepared you for tests and exams, in college your professors will acquaint you with the fundamental concepts while you will have to do the bulk of the reading and studying yourself. If your first year in college was spent in making this major shift, prepare yourself better before starting the second year. Remember to come to class after reading your prescribed study material unlike in high school where you could have left it to the teacher to acquaint you with the topic. In college, it is crucial to be self-driven and keep up to date with your coursework. such gaping differences in complexity of subject and teaching pedagogy inevitably means that many college students find themselves struggling by the middle of the academic year since they did not start the session with enough preparation. However since humans naturally vary in the abilities and skills, be confident that there are additional study resources like online tutoring. Indeed if you are in your final year and preparing for the world of work, there are guidance portals like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp to help you write your report and papers.

College life is perhaps that phase in an individual’s life that comes packed with the most – you are learning, enjoying, loving, trying – in all living a rich, varied existence that is essential to equip you with the skills as well as experiences for all that lies ahead.