3 best e-book download sites for students

An eBook is an electronic book that contains text, graphics, images, table of contents, number of pages etc. just like a normal book. The only difference is that this book is not in the hard binding form at all, rather it is a downloadable file that can be read on the PC, Mac, smartphone or any other handheld device. The eBooks have made lie simple and easier for the people and today these books are becoming increasingly popular especially in the youth.

The students find the eBooks to be highly helpful and for this they get to visit different websites. If you are a student to and you too wish to get these books from some good sites, you need all the help you can get. Here in this post we will present the top three websites for eBook downloads and purchase so that as a student you can get the most out of it.


On this website, you can find the well written and authenticated documents on almost all the fields of life so you need not to worry about anything as there are thousands of published documents that can help you with your studies.



This is a website that has over 57,000 eBooks to offer to the students so that they can either download and read them or simply go through them online. The site also offers the access to those books for which the copyrights have expired.



This is an open source website that everyone and access, explore and edit. There is a separate webpage uploaded to this library as soon as any eBook gets published and it has a page dedicated to all the eBooks ever published.


Now let us have a brief look at the advantages of eBooks to make things easier for us.

Speedy: if you have an idea of the book you need to have, all you have to do is to provide the name of that book to the website from where you are getting the eBook, and it will be there in front of you in not time.

Portable: when you have got the eBook with you, you don’t have to worry about packing your books away while you are on the go as any handheld device can facilitate you with carrying over a hundred books along anywhere, anytime.

Interactive: unlike our conventional books, the eBooks are different in their own ways, the eBooks provide the user with the ability to underline, bookmark, tag, take notes and even get extra information form the hyperlinks provided in the eBook.

Economical and environment friendly: since the eBooks do not require to be printed or published, they are economical for the writers and since they do not need any paper for printing, these books are highly environment friendly as well.

Saves time: these books save your time for searching and visiting the book stores off and on everything is just a few clicks away.