Millions of smiles in faces after three-quarters of a million vehicles were sanitized

Millions of smiles in faces after three-quarters of a million vehicles were sanitized
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

With taxis driving 67% of the South African population, with buses and other essential services using their cars daily to work, those became prime targets for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to urgently sanitize. Since lockdown started, three-quarter of a million vehicles were sanitized – some daily for weeks – to ensure the drivers and their passengers can get to work and go back home safer and with a smile.

In an unprecedented effort to assist its country, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have shown a large amount of bravery to help the citizens, even if it was going to represent some serious challenges personally in their life. “When we looked at the disaster ahead and the impact it was going to have on so many people, we rolled up our sleeves and started,” said Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

They confronted what it would take to protect the millions commuters or ambulance driver, firemen and more, despite the high risk of being faced themselves with covid-19. And no matter the danger, they went ahead with the plan and helped millions – all at their own cost.

“If you are a taxi driver, a bus driver or even an ambulance driver or police officer, you are bound to be at high risk of facing covid-19. So we went and offer our assistance, to the great pleasure and satisfaction of all who could not have otherwise been able to afford paying high cost for sanitization daily,” added Halyisi.

Hlayisi says the work of L. Ron Hubbard in the Volunteer Minister Handbook has been the inspiration behind it all. “Unequipped and unprepared, we could not have made it. But with that powerful technology under our belt, we felt strong and it proved to be right,” said Hlayisi.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are now training literally thousands of people on their Tools for Life which they consider people need just to have better control of their life during such pandemic.

Hlayisi claims the testimonials gotten from those who complete all 19 online Tools for Life courses and have received the sanitization services from the Scientology Volunteer ministers are nothing but tear-jerking. “I must say that despite the long hours, no breaks in more than 150 days, high risk, etc., there is nothing else that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers would have wanted to do as this really save lives and everyone is proud to have been able to participate in that way.”