Megan Bird Adds Hope this December

Megan Bird Adds Hope this December
Megan Bird Adds Hope this December

Award winning illustrator Megan Bird who describes herself as a “maker of things, a raiser of children, and a great high five giver” launches her limited edition KFC bucket for KFC’s Add Hope this week.

As children, our imaginations can make any small moment big, but when we grow up, we forget the big our small can do. “The R2 contributions to Add Hope impact so many children, on such a basic level: a  nutritious meal, “ says Andra Nel , KFC Marketing Manager Brand & Purpose. “But we also wanted Megan to celebrate the childlike idea of hope, and the  unlimited meanings it holds for different people, as we have seen in our recipients over the years.”

Megan’s themes included exploration, learning, bravery, fun and creativity.

“South Africans have contributed so much, and this limited edition bucket for the festive season, is not only a thank you, but also a continued message of hope for all that we can achieve together,” says Nel.


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About Megan Bird:

Megan Bird is an award-winning South African illustrator, based in Johannesburg. In 2011 she graduated with a BA degree from The Open window school of visual communication design.

Award winning illustrator Megan Bird
Award winning illustrator Megan Bird