Up Close And Personal With Siphesihle Vazi

Up Close And Personal With Siphesihle Vazi
Up Close And Personal With Siphesihle Vazi

You may recognise Siphesihle Vazi as Mthoko from the popular SABC 1 series ‘Makoti’ but there is so much more to the actor than this role. The 27-year-old is fast-becoming one of the biggest names in the local entertainment space and he continues to bring audiences something fresh. Ahead of his appearance on the upcoming ninth season of Tropika Island of Treasure next month, the star gets candid on life, his fanbase and appearing on the show’s upcoming season.


What attracted you to sign onto a show like Tropika Island of Treasure?

I have always loved Tropika and I love what the brand stands for and how it positions itself. I have always wanted to be part Tropika Island of Treasure because I used to watch the previous seasons and it always looked like such a good time. So, when the opportunity came up, it was a no-brainer for me to sign on.


How do you plan on being one up on your competitor throughout the season and get your hands on the shared R1 million grand prize?

I really hope that my partner is dope! I hope that they are able to bring out the best of me and my goal is to do the same for them. My main goal is to have fun, though. I know it sounds cliché but it’s such a great opportunity to enjoy a tropical island like Curacao but it also gives me a chance to show a different side of me to my fans – to show off my vulnerability. I am in a space where people will get the chance to see Vazi in a way unlike ever before.


What do you think makes a great team mate?

I am looking for someone who is confident, who knows themselves, who is not afraid to take on a challenge, someone with good hand-eye coordination, someone who will compliment my physical ability and for someone to have the mental sterngth for a show like this. Most importantly, I am looking for someone who is a good person and who is able to handle a challenge well without the drama.


What do you plan on doing with the shared R1 million should you win this season of Tropika Island of Treasure?

I have so many options to that question so I don’t necessarily want to tie myself down to that now. But, I do have some big plans up my sleeve should I take home the grand prize.


What has been the biggest challenge throughout your career and how have you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have faced is finding myself as a person and being comfortable with myself as a personality without letting other people influence who I am. I have had my challenges along the way but I have learned to navigate this industry so I know exactly who I need to be, why I need to be there, how I need to be there, what I want and what I don’t want in terms of work; who to be around and who to avoid, whose opinions matter and all of that. It’s been a very interesting learning experience.


What five items would you pack for a day at the beach?

A book, sunglasses, a towel, sunscreen and my girlfriend!


What’s been your most embarrassing moment so far?

When I first started out, I interviewed designer David Tlale for a segment on Selimathunzi and I hadn’t brushed up on my fashion terminology. I ended the interview saying “Okay David, thank you for sharing with us. Good luck in New York and go do whatever you do” where I was referring to a showcase he was participating in. He turned back and said “I don’t do whatever”. Unfortunately, the viewers saw that and the whole incident is just so embarrassing.


What’s your ultimate travel destination?

I would love to go to Eastern Africa. I recently travelled around Western Africa and I would like to explore that side of our beautiful continent. I would love to learn the languages there, explore the food and culture.


What does 2020 have in store for you?

I hope to push myself professionally this year. I am planning on pushing my acting career to new heights and start creating my own content and connecting with people through that.


Watch Tropika Island of Treasure when it premieres on SABC3 Tuesday 3 March at 19h30.


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