Top Female Norwegian Models to Follow in 2020

Top Female Norwegian Models:

They say that ” the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” and females are a symbol of sensitivity and beauty. Every single woman is beautiful, but there are few who have got an extra charm in their personality, have fitter physique, and fulfill specific criteria in terms of figure, height, and other physical features that are way more attractive than others. We call them models. They take the fashion industry and marketing up to the next level by promoting and commercializing different brands. They get their pictures printed in different magazines, their stories covered in tv commercials.

Norwegian models are known for their beauty and glamor. Here is the list of the most attractive and stylish Norwegian models that you should know about.

1- Fariba Rahimi – Top Norwegian model in 2020:

Fariba Rahimi was born in Iran in September 1979 and spent her childhood there with her parents and siblings. She had a dream of becoming a fashion model. This strong desire made her move to Turkey first in search of better opportunities for starting her modeling. This was not an easy path to take, and Rahimi had to move alone to Turkey, leaving her family in Iran when she was merely 16. After spending two years there, she realized that she should move to Norway because she found it more suitable for her to broaden her scope of modeling and would be able to pursue this field in a much better way. So this 18 years old girl finally traveled to Norway, which proved to be the best decision of her life. She started her modeling career through a local modeling agency and did different projects later on.

Fariba Rahimi has got an attractive physique and an alluring personality. Still, apart from that, she had impressive management and business skills. Hence, putting them in practice, she started her own real estate business as an entrepreneur. After making significant success in this field also, she decided to get back to her modeling field, which is her ultimate identity.

She has re-entered the field of modeling with a brand new start and joined Versace in 2018 and worked as their brand ambassador. Many international magazines have covered her stories. Fariba Rahimi is an ambitious lady who is a fashion diva and a successful entrepreneur as well. That’s why she is at the top of our list. You can follow her on Instagram.

2- Kathrine Sørland:

Katherine Sorland is a well known Norwegian fashion model with over 110 k followers on Instagram. She was born on 25th March 1980 in Norway. She won the Miss Norway competition in 2001. Katherine has done modeling for different brands. She has been presenting several TV shows in Norway.

Catherine started her modeling career when she was only 15 years old. In addition to Modelling and TV, she also owns a wedding dress shop in Oslo.

3- Monica Hansen:

Monica Hansen is a glamorous Norwegian model and TV personality and a former Miss Norway 1997. She was born in Tonsberg, Norway, and started her career at the age of 14 years. She has played the leading character in multiple tv shows and plays.

Monica has worked for many well-known fashion industries like Elite FORD etc.

After years of hard work and effort, she managed to earn huge fame in the fashion industry. She naturally belongs to the world of catwalk and photoshoots.

Her stories have been covered in over 100 world-renowned magazines. She is one of the top famous swimwear models in the world.

4- Natassia Malthe:

Nastia Malthe is a famous Norwegian born model and actress. Although 46 years old, but looks much younger. She is still successfully ruling the showbiz industry with her evergreen charming personality and elegance.

She started her career by taking dancing classes at different dancing schools after finishing her high school. Later she moved to London and then went to Los Angeles and played her part on television for the first time. In 2005 Natassia was nominated for MTV movie award and had done multiple modeling projects so far.

5- Ingrid Bolso Berdal:

Ingrid Bolso is another beautiful Norwegian model with a charming look. She was born in Utoy in 1980. She started her career in 2005 with a short film Limbo and, in 2006, did her first leading role in a Norwegian film Cold prey. She has played a role in 14 films, including Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters and Hercules. She also played a role in 2016 in the HBO series Westworld.

She started studying music and singing at a young age and continued her music education after graduation. She moved to Oslo and studied acting for the next three years.

She has also been working with theatre and TV and has also been awarded the Amanda award.

 6- Heidi Johnsen:

She is truly a beautiful Norwegian model and a free spirit. Heidi Johnsen was born in  Tromsoe, Norway, in 1998. She started her career with Team models. Since then, she has been working with big companies and brands. She also appeared in GQ Italia and has more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram as well, which include international followers as well.

7- Eli Landa:

Eli Landa is a renowned model and choreographer. She won the title of Miss Norway in 2009. She is a 36 years old Norwegian born model now living in Stavanger. She is a famous public figure. She is one of the most attractive Norwegian women with many social media followers.

Last Thoughts:

Modeling is no doubt a competitive field which requires a lot of hard work, patience, and grooming, and those who really make their way through it deserve a massive round of applause. The ladies mentioned above are the most beautiful and stylish ones and a real source of inspiration. I hope you liked our list!