South African-born actress, Lindi Cecile, doing big things in Hollywood

South African-born actress, Lindi Cecile, doing big things in Hollywood
Lindi Cecile in Hollywood: Photographer - Nikki Petrie

South Africa: take note! There’s a new South African taking over Hollywood with her respected acting and producing talents.

Lindi Cecile (25), is a Pretoria-born actress and producer who has been making waves with her well-received work on short films, directing and various other projects in Los Angeles over the past few years.

Cecile, who is a multi-faceted actress and has excelled at mastering various movie roles to date, is starring in an array of award-winning films and working with multiple award-winning producers, directors and actors.

“I am very proud of my recent projects “You Up?”“I’m Press” and “Cricket Man”, which are all doing their rounds on the festival circuit,” she shares.

Most recently, Cecile received the best actress award at the White Deer International Film Festival for “You Up?” and it won the Sweden Film Awards last month.

The production was officially selected for the Rome Prisma awards, the Lift-Off Sessions organised by Pinewood studios, and the Madrid International Film Festival. “Cricket Man” won big at the New York Film Awards and the Festigious International Film Festival Los Angeles for Best Parody. It also won the Los Angeles Film Awards and scored a “Best Comedy” win at the Vegas Movie Awards.

Cecile also holds the lead role in an original play called “A Long Time Ago” – one of the must-see productions in 2020 and 2021.

She adds, that the production was selected for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but is due to once again showcase at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2021

“I played Portia Longfellow and I played her portrayal of Luke Skywalker. In “A servant of two masters” I played Beatrice Rasponi and I played her portrayal of her brother Federico Rasponi. The production had its premiere in October 2019 before being selected for the Hollywood Fringe this year. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments as an actress and producer,” she shares.

Being versatile comes naturally to Cecile. She says this is a big strength that sets her apart from other performers in the field.

“I can do Shakespeare one day and an action film with stunts the next. I can work from deep truth and vulnerability, but I can also do zany comedy.”

If that’s not all, Cecile is part of an improv acting troupe called “Yes-And-the-Kitchen-Sink.” They performed at the Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood once every month on a Sunday prior to the pandemic, and they intend to do so again once it is safe and things resume.

So what makes her one of the hardest working talents in Hollywood right now?

“I am always working on my craft. When I’m working on a project I do everything for that character, I live and breathe them. In between projects, I still work on my skills and stay informed to keep up with changes in the industry. Acting is a business, and it is so important to understand that business if you want to be successful.”