LevaSoul SA – A Genius Skilled Musician With Passion

LevaSoul SA In 2018 @Eskom Expo For Young Scientist

MULTI-TALENTED musician and producer Levy Mehlape professionally known as LevaSoul SA wants to take his talent to the next level with science knowledge.

The 24 year old artist From Polokwane in Limpopo believes that music, radio, science and mentoring kids are his greatest passion.

He’s recently working as Education Assistant at Megoring Primary School where he is busy with mentoring kids while doing other duties.

The Real LevaSoul SA

LevaSoul SA told SABuzz he enjoys doing music, radio and mentoring kids because singing is his first passion and radio is second.

“I’m a self-taught music producer, songwriter and vocalist. I have been in the music industry since 2017 and have produced many hit songs.”

“I worked for Gateway FM as a music compiler and producer, and also worked for Motionsense HD,” he said.

When his contract with Motionsense HD ended in 2021, he started his own radio station.

“At the moment the radio station is offline due to lack of funds and will return online in June. But I’m asking anyone who can help with funds to keep my radio station always on air.”

“I love working for radio because it makes huge difference in the community,” he said.

LevaSoul In Science

Now he’s working as a Education Assistant at Megoring Primary School where he wanted to be close to kids then he can mentor them with “Eskom Expo for Young Scientists“. His aim on apply for Education Assistant, was to share and shine his knowledge about science.

As he’s waiting for competitions, LevaSoul SA is is training his kids.