Kriya Gangiah Gets Candid On Her Need For Speed And Energetic New Series ‘Tuned In SA’

Kriya Gangiah Gets Candid On Her Need For Speed And Energetic New Series ‘Tuned In SA’
Kriya Gangiah

Fans are about to see South African television and radio personality Kriya Gangiah like they’ve never seen her before as she takes over the reigns as host of Ignition TV’s popular car makeover series ‘Tuned In SA’ this week.

With the new season of the series premiering on 22 November at 09:30am on DStv Channel 189, Kriya Gangiah and returning presenter Vic Pardal will be showcasing some incredible car transformations. Featuring everything from performance-modified rides to crazy custom builds, ‘Tuned In SA’ brings you some of the fastest and most tricked-out showstoppers in the country. The popular series also goes behind the scenes as one viewer gets a full car makeover with jaw-dropping results.

Now, Kriya opens up about why she’s signed on to present this turbo-charged series and where her love for fast cars really began.

What can viewers expect on this season of ‘Tuned In SA’? 

I am so excited for everyone to tune into the new season of ‘Tuned In SA’! As always, viewers can expect an up close and personal look at some of the freshest rides in Mzanzi! This season has everything from a Zombie themed Ford ST to a Polo with a fully working fish tank in the boot! Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this.

What sets this season apart from previous seasons? 

Every year the modified car scene just gets bigger and more exciting. This year we have searched far and wide to find the coolest rides to be featured on the show and we’ve found drivers who have really taken their love for modified cars to the next level.

What attracted you to wanting to be a host on the show? 

The modified car scene in South Africa is a community. Actually, it’s more like a family and getting the opportunity to share these stories while getting up close and personal to some of these incredibly cars is what really attracted me to the show.

What makes ‘Tuned In SA’ different when compared to other television shows about cars? 

This show is about the car, the passion and vision behind it. It’s about showing off something that someone has worked so hard to create. Each car’s journey is so incredibly unique and that is what makes these stories so special.

Where does your love for cars and speed come from? 

My extended family has always had a love for cars and motorsport. From that I have always been around the conversations and through that my love for cars grew. Now, I’m officially obsessed!

What is your dream ride?

I have always wanted a 1989 Mini Cooper. I have always had a love for the car and having the opportunity to customise it and make it my own is definitely a dream.

What is your favourite thing about being a television presenter? 

The people! Making a connection with people and their stories is what I absolutely love. This is exactly what I get to do on the new season of ‘Tuned In SA’ and what I have done on some of my pervious presenting gigs and it gives me such a rush.

What else have you been working on over the past few months? 

I have been lucky enough to be working on to projects that I am really passionate about – cars and food! I have also been hosting the Chef and Guests show on YouTube while running my agency Kri8tive Media. So it’s been pretty busy on my side over the past few months!

Catch Kriya Gangiah on ‘Tuned In SA’ every Saturday at 09:30am from 22 November on Ignition TV (DStv Channel 189).