Harry D Cruz, The Human Saxophone Beatboxer

Harry D Cruz, The Human Saxophone Beatboxer
Harry D Cruz, The Human Saxophone Beatboxer

Born as Hariharan, Harry DCruz is a young man from Bengaluru and his talent is to use his voice to create sounds of enigmatic instruments like saxophones!

As an impressionable young adult breezing through inter-collegiate fests, Harry found his calling as one of the students from his college introduced him to the art of beatboxing.


Harry went back home and further investigated this new found passion of his.

He went on to experiment with different styles and various art forms of beatboxing.

Just like every guy his age, he took his time in considering beatboxing as his lifelong path in his career, but as soon as he realised that his life belonged in music, there was no stopping him.

At the mere age of 23, Harry has performed in more than 100 shows across South India and has also performed on one of the glorious stages of TEDx. He has been a Musicality Beatboxer, beatboxing coach, entertainer, emcee.

A kazoo is an American instrument essentially a hollow pipe that creates a buzzingsound when one blows into it. Harry, with his curiosity and rigorous practice, introduced this instrument to the country of aspiring beatboxers and students that beehive in the art of creating music with their voices. He gave them hope and we are proud of him for doing so.

Harrys unique skill of kazoo beatboxing has helped him win a lot of music competitions. He has performed at a number of  events namely humming tree, Mahal Keleeravam, Bandhu Mitra and Bollywood Music(a show hosted by Radio Mirchi 95.FM). Moreover Harry has Judged the Kerala beatboxing championship in the year 2019 and Just beatbox championship in Bangalore 2019

Harry D Cruz graduated from Indian Academy Degree College. This Bengaluru boy is currently completing his MBA from St George’s college of management studies. The love for his art has compelled him to take various online and offline certification courses to further his learning of beatboxing. This relentless passion enabled him to be a master of Beatboxing in the country and he started teaching his skills to apprentices.

If you are ever in a Bangalore pub and the music is great, chances are our beatboxing pioneer is controlling the music.WhatsApp Image 2020-11-22 at 12.41.36 PM (1).jpeg