Durban viral trap artist who signed with international record label Jaey Price reveals new music

Jaey Price reveals new music
Jaey Price reveals new music

Jaey Price is a 24-year-old trap music recording artist from South Africa. His real name is Philasande Musawenkosi Ntombela and he was born in September.

The young celebrity who is signed to VG Gold Music Label, an independent record label revealed that he might have new music released soon this year. The b-list celeb has been working on a new EP album, a two song trap music project that he claims is titled “Young And Famous”. It is a musical project that he had recorded sometime before the year 2021 he revealed. One of the songs include “Scenes”, a track that Jaey Price had recorded, the beat for the song was produced by the producer Junior X. Jaey Price’s manager Ekaterina Dubinskaia does management at the record label. The independent record label is owned by Vladimir Gershanov.

Jaey Price got a marketing deal with the record label late in 2021 and has a distribution/promotion deal for more than one release also with the label. In a recent article that was published on a news website, Jaey Price had given some detail on a distribution deal that he had been offered in 2021 by another international label. Jaey Price is also a songwriter, in January 2022 he got a publishing deal, he writes his music and also does animating. “I even have an EP titled “DIMENSIONZ” that might be released sometime in 2022, DIMENSIONZ is a three track project”, the artist also added. The singer didn’t reveal much about the new “DIMENSIONZ” EP album. Trap artist Jaey Price inked a major distribution deal with an independent record label in Illinois for a release which is said to be titled “Slxp”. The song might be released. The viral musician also added that there is also a trap single titled “Worth It” that might be released as well in 2022. He is mostly known for his very first single that is titled “Exalt” which was released. His eye color is black and his hair color is black as well.

Jaey Price’s shoe size is 8, height is approximately 178cm, he also does animating besides being a recording artist and singer but making music is his favorite. September is the month that he was born in, on the ninth day in the year 1997. His religion is unknown. Jaey Price is a member of ISSA (International Singer-Songwriters Association). Jaey Price is from Durban. In his early life he used to do animating which he learned at a young age. Price loves hip hop music. He is a singer and has been active since 2018. The popular Durban singer has been releasing music on top of music and might just release even more sometime soon with the deal he had signed with the International Music Label. The viral artist is a fan of pop music. Price loves hip hop more than pop music. Jaey Price’s favorite actress is Halle Berry. Jaey Price’s favorite superhero is Kickass. His favorite color is purple. Price is also a lyricist.

Favorite film is Deadpool. Jaey Price is a young famous Recording Artist who is gaining popularity, he released his third mixtape in 2019 which already has over 1k views on datpiff with a song that has double the number on spotify the same year as well before releasing the three track mixtape which was uploaded. If the artist releases a new single, it will be his third single this year, with more than one project having been released already in 2021, it’s just release on top of release for the South African singer. In a recent article Jaey Price had explained more about the latest project that he released adding more detail about it and sharing more precise information that he had not given yet on it at all, and had not been already known about it altogether, he didn’t only give more detail about the project but also about his latest hit second single song that released shortly after the project which he shared more info on. Jaey Price’s instrument is clearly vocals, he just sounds differently. Not long ago the viral artist had an estimated net worth of $500 000, he just keep doing this music because it is currently more than it ever was since being a musician/singer, the artist is not no amateur, he just make this music. Jaey Price is an official established young South African Recording Artist and Singer, and is known internationally for his music. Jaey Price writes most of his songs and tends to add anything he can write about, from love to other things that he thinks should be included in a song. He started writing songs very young and his music is mostly about the important things, which he explained more about in an article that was written and published on a news website on the web. His vocals are just clearly something different from the ordinary making his music somewhat more in some way.

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