Dineo Langa visits Roodepoort Primary and donates 1000 school shoes to learners in need – #KrushGoodness

Dineo Langa visits Roodepoort Primary and donates 1000 school shoes to learners in need - #KrushGoodness
Dineo Langa visits Roodepoort Primary and donates 1000 school shoes to learners in need - #KrushGoodness

Earlier today saw the #KrushGoodness project kick off with Dineo Langa and the Krush Goodness Krew visiting Roodepoort Primary School, where over 1000 learners received a brand-new pair of Smart Steps school shoes as part of the project. This is all part of the #KrushGoodness project by Clover Krush – a brand synonymous with spreading goodness – which has already ensured that 30 000 school children in communities in need across South Africa have received a brand new pair of school shoes between 2018 and 2019.


According to Stats SA, approximately 70% of learners walk to school every day, many of whom walk barefoot or with damaged shoes. The #KrushGoodness project will make a sustainable difference in the lives of 20 000 learners across South Africa, giving them the confidence to conquer the world one step at a time.

The campaign is very close to Dineo’s heart and the presenter opens up about the incredible opportunity she got to be a part of.


Why did you rally to the Clover Krush school shoe donation cause?


The one thing I like about this part of my life is that it allows me to give back and allows me to set aside the time and the vision to give back. I find that when you’re younger, sometimes you don’t really grasp what you’re doing in the sense of charity and I wanted to get a better idea of what this campaign is about. This is such a fun and innovative way to access kids who are watching and supporting our careers on a day-to-day basis and sometimes being so caught up in your world means you have no time to consider what any other person goes through just to go to school. We are priveliged in terms of work, in terms of a home and of transport and it’s important not to forget that so many children have to walk to school, who can’t afford to buy school shoes and it impacts you whether you’re a parent or not. I have younger siblings and cousins and to think that if they had to go through what these kids are going through; it would break me. So, I had to jump onto this initiative. It was a no brainer for me.


There is something on a personal level about receiving brand-new school shoes. What do you think this means to these kids?


I always tap into my own inner child and into the feeling I used to have when I used to ask for new school shoes. It’s the thing you walk into the rest of your life in and there was always this sense of pride when I walked into the playground on the first day in my new school shoes. I couldn’t wait to show them off to my friends and we would talk about who has the shows that are closed and who has the shoes with the buckles and it’s so cute yet so small to us adults as we grow up. But, to these kids, new school shoes represent a new beginning. They’re ready to conquer the new year.


How do you feel about the way Clover Krush has built on this campaign over the past three years?


I am consistently impressed when I hear about the different strides this campaign by Clover Krush has pulled off over the past three years. For innovations like this to be continuous, it takes a lot so for Clover Krush to have continued to provide children with school shoes, proves that this is a brand that cares and you don’t often find that. This is a beautiful initiative to watch grow in leaps and bounds consistently.


Some other familiar faces who are part of the #KrushGoodness Krew spreading goodness in 2020 are:

  • Bontle Modiselle
  • Clement Maosa
  • Omuhle Gela
  • Brent Lindeque
  • Nompilo Maphumulo
  • Minki van der Westhuizen
  • Heather Hook
  • Nina Hastie


The 20 schools which will be visited over the next few weeks are:


  1. Roodepoort Primary, Gauteng
  2. New Clare Primary, Gauteng
  3. G R Harris Primary, Gauteng
  4. Madume Primary, Gauteng
  5. Eldorado Park Primary, Gauteng
  6. Shari-Crest Primary, Gauteng
  7. Laerskool General Beyers, Gauteng
  8. Dirkie Uys Primary, KZN
  9. Harrismith Primary, KZN
  10. Aloe Park Primary, KZN
  11. Acaciavale Primary, KZN
  12. Acacia Primary, KZN
  13. Lee Primary, KZN
  14. Harry Bodasing Primary, KZN
  15. Nonoti Primary, KZN
  16. Missionvale Primary, Eastern Cape
  17. Strelitzia Primary, Eastern Cape
  18. Avian Park Primary, Western Cape
  19. Worcester NGK Oefen Primary, Western Cape
  20. Ebenezer Primary, Western Cape



All learners within these schools will receive a brand new pair of school shoes and by the time all 20 schools have been visited by the #KrushGoodness Krew 20 000 pairs of school shoes will have been distributed.


The shoe partner for the project is Smart Steps by Novita Shoes. In addition to being Proudly South African, Smart Steps are strong, reliable, tough and comfortable – the ideal shoe for young learners.


To follow the project and for the latest #KrushGoodness updates, connect with Krush online:

Facebook:                           https://www.facebook.com/CloverKrush/

Twitter:                                https://twitter.com/CloverKrush

Instagram:                          https://www.instagram.com/cloverkrush/

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