Danny Painter Shares Her Romantic Date Ideas This Month Of Love

Danny Painter Shares Her Romantic Date Ideas This Month Of Love
Danny Painter Shares Her Romantic Date Ideas This Month Of Love

South African radio personality Danny Painter knows a thing or two about love. The Jacaranda FM DJ hosts the wildly popular Love Songs With Danny Painter show every Monday – Thursday between 19:00 and 21:00 where she plays only the best love songs from Mzansi and around the world. As a hopeless romantic, her philosophy is that love should be celebrated every day of the year.

“We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have once or twice, but I find it’s always busy and never as fun as you’d like it to be, so this year for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be working! Hanging out on air, with my Jacaranda FM family,” Danny shares. “I will make special time to celebrate love this month I’m not tied to Valentine’s Day and I think in general we could all be better at celebrating our partnerships throughout the year, and not just on one consumer driven day! 

Here are some of Danny Painter’s favourite ways to celebrate love:

Food is love

“Who doesn’t love food? If you say you don’t – you’re wrong!” Danny jokes. The radio DJ says that food is love in physical form. “Whether you’re cooking your favourite meal at home, or getting take out and making a Christmas bed in the lounge, or going to a restaurant, I think moments around food are very important in relationships,” Danny explains. “It’s the bowls and plates and cups we  communicate over, and that’s never a bad thing! My top choices would be: a Panarottis take away, a good bottle of red, a tv room bed and horror movies, cooking my husband his favourite meal and setting the table with candles to have a ‘grown up’ dinner or heading out to our favourite restaurants.

Experience the movies the right way

We all love a trip to the movies. It has been a romantic date idea for generations. However, Danny likes to take the experience up a notch and experience the movies in 4DX. “I wait all year for a big blockbuster to come so that I can go and watch it in surround sound 4DX heaven! I highly recommend this as a date option, especially since there’s a full bar and vodka slushies are an option!”

Becoming one with nature

For Danny and her husband, being outdoors is something they both love. So it’s unsurprising that hiking is one way they enjoy spending time together. “We have recently been heading to nature reserves to hike and spend time outside! My favourite is hands down Moreleta Kloof! The zebras came right up to me,” she exclaims.

Make the most of your time together as a couple

Danny believes that there is often too much expectation set out on Valentine’s Day and want’s to remind people that any way you celebrate love this February is special – and it doesn’t always have to be with long-stemmed roses, jewellery and expensive dinners, unless that’s your thing. “I think that romance is relative. It’s different things for different people. Some people may find having control of the TV remote for a night is the most romantic gesture (because it is!) or bathing the kids so your partner doesn’t have to can be really. Anything can become a romantic date night if you do it with the right intention and a candle!”

As a champion for love, Danny invites everyone to tune into her show on Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year, for the ultimate collection of love songs. “If you’re looking for the perfect playlist for your braai, bubble bath, or whatever you choose to do to celebrate love this month, tune in to Love Songs with Danny Painter with me on Jacaranda FM and let’s have a laugh, a cry, and spend the evening together.”

Listen to ‘Love Songs with Danny Painter’ every Monday – Thursday evening on Jacaranda FM.