10 Things You Never Knew About Nadia Jaftha

10 Things You Never Knew About Nadia Jaftha
10 Things You Never Knew About Nadia Jaftha

South African social media influencer and media personality Nadia Jaftha has come a long way since she made her debut sharing hilarious videos on Instagram. Today, she is one of the biggest social media personalities in the country and continues to build an empire as she expands into other sectors of the entertainment and lifestyle industries. She is also one of the six celebrities featuring on the upcoming season of Tropika Island of Treasure that will be set against the breathtaking island back drop of Curacao in the Caribbean.

Nadia shares a lot about her life on social media but here are 10 things you probably never knew about the star:

  1. Nadia was a ballerina as a child. She loved performing in her tutu for family and friends and often looks back at those times as some of her happiest childhood memories.
  2. Nadia is obsessed with insects. “If I see an insect and I know it’s not dangerous I can’t help but go and pick it up,” she says adding that her favourite insect is a grass hopper. “I also really love spiders and snakes,” Nadia says.
  3. Nadia’s most embarrassing moment was when she was back in high school and participated in a water gala. Nadia was on her period at the time and her mother, at the time, didn’t allow her to wear tampons. So, she wore a big pad and she got it wet during the water gala. When it came to the running part of the race, the pad fell out and slapped Nadia’s thigh while she was running in front of the whole school – needless to say she was very embarrassed.
  4. If Nadia could get on a plane and travel to any destination, it would be the Philippines. “The area is still untouched, I love the culture and the street food and the country really captured a place in my heart,” she says.
  5. Nadia has a BA degree in Film, Media and Writing from the University of Cape Town. She has plans to travel to New York to continue her studies but decided to take a gap year in which her career as a vlogger and social media influencer flourished.
  6. Nadia will appear on the upcoming season of Tropika Island Of Treasure where she will captain the Cool Red team. “I’m really excited to travel to Curacao to be a part of this season of Tropika Island Of Treasure,” Nadia says. “Besides the feeling of being on holiday and exploring a country I never thought I would ever visit. I am looking forward to the challenges and out smoothing my competitors to win that shared R1 million prize.”
  7. Nadia is a musician as well. She has just released her brand-new single ‘Forget About You’. The pop track isn’t the star’s first single. She previously released a song titled ‘Paradise’ and is really looking forward to this new chapter in her career.
  8. Nadia is a big swimmer. “I think everyone should be doing a form of aerobic exercise because it builds strength whilst building cardio abilities,” she says adding that swimming helps her keep her body in shape.
  9. If Nadia could dine with one celebrity she would pick Jim Carrey. “I love Jim and his work and would really like to have dinner with him somewhere on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and ask him questions about his craft,” she says.
  10. Nadia almost always smells her food before eating it. “Smell is a sense that is closely connected to taste and I always like to play it safe when it comes to my food.”