7 Photography Tips for Absolute Beginners

Photography is the best and most fun hobby to pick up. It doesn’t take much of your time and we all are already photographers with our phones. It’s also a very interesting hobby and skill to learn. Nonetheless, it’s not easy and there’s a lot to take in as a new photographer. Here are few photography tips and tutorials to get you started.

  1. Don’t buy expensive equipment right away:

When you are new to photography you have no idea about any of the equipment. It’s better to get familiar with the field. You can get good shots with an inexpensive camera too. And the more you photos you will take, the more you will realize what equipment will be best for you.

  1. Best camera for beginners:

A tripod is the best option for a complete beginner. Most likely you will have shaky hands and a tripod is best for that. In addition to that, you will be really satisfied with the result of the shots.

  1. Keep your camera with you at all time:

Opportunities for good photos can appear at any moment. Keep your equipment simple so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. And if inspiration hits and you don’t have your camera with you, catch the shot on your phone so you can return to take it with your camera or find a similar shot later.

  1. Look at everything with a fresh eye:

Things that you never considered interesting may look different when you look through your camera lens. So look at your normal surroundings through your camera that’s the first place you will find inspiration. It’s also a good place to start your practice.

  1. Enjoy your learning process:

Often when you take up new hobbies, you get tired of failure fast. And give up. But the best part of photography is that everyone has their own style and you never run out of things to capture on camera. So enjoy the process of learning rather than getting tired of trying to get the perfect shot.

  1. Learn the basic rules:

Nothing is impossible in this age and time. You can become an expert in anything you want without getting professional help or paying for courses. These days the internet has free online tutorials and guides to just about everything. Watch online tutorials, read different articles and take ideas online. It’s the best free fast-track way to learning photography.

  1. How to hold the camera:

The most important thing to learn is how to hold your camera. The key is to avoid movements. Movements result in blurry photos. You can watch online tutorials on how to hold a camera. But the basic thing is to keep the elbow of the arm holding the camera pressed to your ribs and hold your hand like you’re holding a plate. This should help you avoid movements. After you’ve learned how to hold a camera you will already be halfway down the road to becoming a photographer.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you get started with your new hobby. Photography seems easy at the start but can get tricky when you’re trying it for the first time. But it’s not as hard as it will seem. In fact, it’ll just capture your attention more and show you things you can only see through a camera lens.