10 Ways to Avoid Negativity to Life

You can’t control what happens in your life and you can’t control those around you, but you can control your own emotions.

  1. See the Positive

Think of anything negative in your life as a life lesson and every criticism as a valuable insight.

A friend arrives late or someone does not fulfil a promises, see this as a chance to develop of improve your patience. Perhaps a friend constantly disappoints you, see this as them revealing their true character and assisting you in discovering who your real friends are.

If any experience is annoying, try and think of it as more unique or fascinating

If you are positive from the inside out it will attract more positive things. Act positive in your words, actions and thoughts so it will seep into those around you.

  1. Be Grateful

There is a good chance you have a huge amount of things to be grateful for. You’re probably in a better position than many other people. We always worry too much about keeping up with the lives of others instead of focusing on the good in our own life.

Sometimes it pays to be grateful for the smallest things in life like the ability to walk, hear or see. Be grateful for your family, friends or partner. Be grateful for opportunities in life. Be grateful you earn a salary and have a roof over your head. Try and appreciate the tiny blessings if you feel you have nothing positive in your life.

Write down the gratitude in a journal and when you next feel negative read them and remember the good days. Use tools like State of Writing and Revieweal to help improve these journaling skills, allowing you to get the best from the experience.

  1. Laugh

Laughter can often be the best form of natural stress relief. Develop a habit of laughing every day, even if it’s watching something funny on your commute, reading a joke a day or just laughing to yourself in the bathroom every morning.

It doesn’t matter what you find funny or how you laugh, starting every day with a laugh can often lift spirits for the rest of the day.

  1. Stop Being Concerned

Stop being so concerned, it doesn’t mean you’ll stop caring for those around you and the important events in life but stop being so concerned about little things. People get bogged down in the little things like what other people think of them or criticisms or predicting negative outcomes.

Eliminating ‘what if’s’ can ease a lot of life’s worries. Worry about things if they have happened or are likely to happen. As long as you know you stop worrying about something with a clean and ethical conscience then go ahead!

  1. Override Positive with Negative

Counter negative words and thoughts with positive statements. Always have something good to say when those around you can’t muster it. If you can’t think of how to spin it into good then just tell them “Thank you for your opinion” or “I value your opinion.”

Hopefully this positive mentality will rub off on those around you or they will be so irritated by your new attitude they will curb the negative comments.

  1. Be Spiritual

Having faith in higher powers can increase your inner peace.

If you are religious or spiritual, choose and write down holy passages. Filling your mind with images of God can give you inner peace and serenity. Many religious passages offer courage inner strength.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be religious affinity. The key to building spirituality is attuning yourself to an inner consciousness. Spend time reflecting and getting in touch with the energies around you.

  1. Listen to Motivational Speakers

To continue feeling positive and inspired go to Youtube and watch motivational speakers, they will be sure to light a fire underneath you.

Some of the best motivational speaks include Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar. The best time to listen to motivational speakers is in the morning so you can start your day right or before you to sleep.

  1. Be Healthy

“Being negative and stressed will weaken your immune system, optimism with help with the bodies resilience,” claims Paula Wilson, a personal coach at Best Australian Writers.

Try and eat organize fruit and vegetable, avoid any sugary foods or caffeine that will cause false bouts of energy. Try and sleep, getting less than seven hours’ sleep can cause irritability. Try and exercise for at least five hours a week, this will help not just the body but also the mind. Many people find exercising soothing in moments of stress and anxiety.

Follow breathing exercises and mindfulness activities to gain a positive emotional, physical and mental advantages, which will help you overcome life’s troubles.

  1. Be Charitable

The act of helping someone or donating to charity can help boost happiness levels. Giving to the less fortunate can help you be grateful for your own life and improve perspective.

It doesn’t have to be giving to charity, it could be helping an elderly shopper, it could be holding the door for someone, taking time to listen to someone’s problems or making a cup of coffee for a work colleague. Give what you can but never give any more as that will just add extra stress.

  1. Express your inner feeling.

“It is very important to let negative emotions weight us down and that we unload our emotional baggage,” says Claire O’Connor, a psychologist and contributor to UK Top Writers. Find someone you trust, and who is willing to listen, to talk. Just talking to someone who will listen can make us feel much better, they don’t have to understand or respond just hear us.

If you feel there is no one around you trust write your thoughts down in a journal or diary. This can serve as an outlet where you can write down your feeling, thoughts of others and experiences. Use it to release all the anger, sadness, worry and pain you have inside of yourself.

The fact you have searched out and read this article means you are taking the right steps in life to release the negativity. Be brave and make changes to your life, like any new direction in life you may initially find it hard and it may seem difficult but practice will prove how simple it can be to embrace positivity.

Rachel Summers is an experience UK based writer, who specializes in education journalist. She has had a long career as a journalist working for many companies, including Australian Reviewers. Her writing focuses on tips for making school easier and she has a passion for helping students get the most out of their school years.