Dricus Du Plessis on trading gloves for business in his spare time

Dricus Du Plessis on trading gloves for business in his spare time
Dricus Du Plessis

DECEMBER 2021:  Dricus “Stillknocks” Du Plessis, South African middleweight MMA Champion and kickboxer won his debut UFC fight in 2020 and he recorded a TKO win over Trevin Giles at UFC 264 in Las Vegas this July. Du Plessis won the overall Performance of the Night award, earning him R1 million ($75 000), and as he gets fighting fit for UFC 269 this December, he takes a timeout to discuss his “other life” as a Brand Ambassador for CMTrading and his passion for online trading.

Describe a typical workday.

 “Although success comes because of much hard work and dedication, I believe that balance is key.  I start my day at 6am with mediation and reading, before training commences at 8am. A typical session involves a combination of pad work, strength training and grappling. After lunch, I tackle an afternoon of admin and trading. The day is bookended by further training – this time with my full team.”

This harrowing schedule doesn’t allow for much downtime. How do you enjoy your time off?

“Moments to myself are often reserved for recovery, but I enjoy spending my weekends around a braai with good friends.”

Tell us more about your journey with trading and financial markets.

“I have always had a keen interest in financial trading, growing wealth and finding ways to create passive income. When partnering with CMTrading, I threw myself into learning the art of online trading. I still have a lot to learn but I am feeling a lot more confident now on the platform.”

How can one compare trading strategies and strategies in the octagon?

“Trading strategy and fighting strategy hold similarities that can benefit me in the markets.  It’s all about preparation and training or learning. When preparing for fights, it is vital to learn everything that can be learned about one’s opponents. It is the same when learning how to trade. Both fighting and trading involve risk and reward. Calculated risks are required to win.”

Why is it important to start now?

“Preparing for a future beyond fighting and achieving lifelong financial independence is essential. It is important to maximise every bit of wealth that can be created during your career to secure a comfortable retirement.

“This requires wise investments, creating passive income streams and even starting businesses. It is not as challenging as one may think to become familiar with the trading landscape. I took my time and started small, but one could confidently be up and running within a few weeks.”

How did being a brand ambassador for a trading company help you learn the ins and outs of the financial markets?

“Working with an established trading company, I had access to some amazing resources and educational tools to help get amateur traders started. Achieving success, whether in the ring or in the markets, always comes more easily when you stand on the shoulders of giants. With this in mind, the Copycat system assists those new to the markets by allowing them to learn from other successful traders.”

What advice would you give to aspiring traders?

“It’s very important to find a reputable trading platform, as it is a jungle out there. There are so many scammers in the market. Proper research and training are imperative. One must also keep in mind that like everything in life, there is a risk; so start small and give yourself time to find your feet.”

What does the future hold for you?

“My biggest goal is to become the greatest fighter to ever enter the UFC octagon. UFC events were the first to feature an eight-sided competition configuration, which has become known worldwide as the UFC Octagon. I hope to be the UFC Champion and represent South Africa on the biggest MMA stage in the world.

“I want to continue inspiring and supporting aspiring MMA athletes, long after my days in the ring are behind me. I have quite a few business ventures on the go and will continue my trading journey as well.”

Du Plessis is scheduled to fight Andre Muniz on 11 December. Muniz is tied for the number 13 position in the MMA Fighting Global Rankings. 27-year-old Du Plessis finished both of his UFC wins to-date by stoppage, knocking out Trevin Giles and Markus Perez. His record thus far includes 16 finishes in 16 wins. 31-year-old Muniz from Brazil has 14 first-round wins on his record.