What features should a cheap VPS have?

What features should a cheap VPS have?
What is a virtual private server (VPS)? Image source: Pixabay

In this article, we will talk about the features that a cheap VPS should have. When you buy a VPS, the price is one of the key factors you consider when ordering. Let’s first see what a VPS is and what kind of VPS servers we have, and then we can decide better which service is suitable for us.

What is a VPS?

A VPS is said to be a virtual private server. To create a VPS, the VPS hosting providers divide the resources of a physical dedicated server into pieces using virtualization technology. The name of these prices is VPS. Each VPS can have its own dedicated resources, like CPU, RAM, and Bandwidth. Let’s see an example of this.

Imagine you have a big niche. You can divide this niche into different sizes and different numbers. Each niche can have its own dedicated resources like electricity, gas, and telephone, and you can let people rent it for a reasonable price instead of renting the whole niche.

This virtualization can be done using different tools and technologies. Although all of these technologies provide the same service finally, they can have some differences. For example, it is impossible to install some operating systems in some virtualization systems, or for some of them, it is impossible to provide dedicated resources for each.

What is a cheap VPS?

A cheap VPS is normally the same VPS that you can order from any provider. Consider that some providers may share this kind of VPS resource or give you less dedicated resources because you pay less for this service.

What is a different kind of cheap VPS?

There are different kinds of VPS servers like Windows VPS, Linux VPS, and Mikrotik VPS. Also, there are services like managed VPS and unmanaged VPS, and Cloud VPS.

  • Windows VPS

Windows VPS is a server that has the Windows operating system installed on it. Normally we install Windows Server OS on the Windows VPS, but it is also possible to install Windows client versions like Windows 10. It is possible to connect to a Windows VPS using the Remote Desktop Connection application, installed by default on all Windows operating systems.

  • Linux VPS

Linux VPS is a server that has a Linux operating system installed on it. Normally we install Linux Server OS on the Linux VPS, but it is also possible to install Linux Graphical versions. It is possible to connect to a Linux VPS using SSH. The most famous client to connect to a Linux VPS is the Putty application. The putty application is free, and it uses SSH protocol to connect to a Linux VPS.

  • MikroTik VPS

Nowadays, MikroTik is one of the most famous routes in the world. Mikrotik has a router OS that we can install on a VPS and use the VPS as a router. When we install Mikrotik router OS on a VPS, it will be called a Mikrotik VPS. Mikrotik has a graphical interface named Winbox that we can use for free to connect to our router OS.

  • Managed VPS

Managed VPS is a service provided by some VPS hosting providers. In this situation, you order the service, but the provider manages the service itself, and you should use the service. The provider will keep your server safe and secure, and if there were an issue, they would check the issue. Consider that you may not get full root login details in this service.

  • Unmanaged VPS

Unlike Manages VPS, you will have the full responsibility of keeping this service. If you are not familiar with keeping a server safe and up to date or don’t know how to resolve probable issues, you may get a Managed VPS.

  • Cloud VPS

Your VPS will be installed on more than one server using cloud technology and not just one server in a Cloud VPS. In this situation, you will get some benefits. For example, it is easy to upgrade your service. Or your data safety will be more because your data is stored on more than one server. Of course, you will have to pay more for this service.

Who uses a VPS?

For using anything, you should have experience and knowledge. If you know how to configure a Windows VPS, Linux VPS, or a MikroTik VPS, you can be one of the users of a VPS. Generally, people who work in the IT field use the VPS server.


It is possible to order any of the mentioned services above for a low price, but when ordering, you should pay attention to what service you get and what limitations you will have.