The amalgamation of AI and cloud computing

The amalgamation of AI and cloud computing
The amalgamation of AI and cloud computing

We are currently living in a technology-driven era where the influx of technological solutions has helped us in becoming effective, efficient, quick and productive.  Now technology is not an option for businesses and individuals as living without the innovative modern-day technological solutions is near to impossible. The proliferation in the use of technological solutions is a new normal for businesses and individuals too.  In the past decade, the pace of technological evolution has also increased and it has allowed many technologies to revolutionize the human race.

There have been many technological solutions which have left a deep impact on businesses and the daily life of individuals. But the two technological solutions which have set a benchmark for transforming the world through technology are cloud computing and AI.

Cloud computing has become an important part of the modern-day world and it is being used in various forms like cloud storage, app development, cloud hosting, big data analytics, backup, and disaster recovery system. From storing data on Google Drive to uploading photos on Facebook, cloud computing is everywhere. While on the other side, Artificial Intelligence has given us a way to get a glimpse of futuristic technologies. We have got many mind-boggling results by using AI in various fields. From simplifying customer support to making a model of past stars, AI has been used in many things. But have you ever thought about what we can get from the combination of AI and cloud computing?

You should know that almost 90% of early cloud adopters say that cloud technology will play an important role in their artificial intelligence initiatives in the upcoming years. And more than 55% of cloud-based services are deploying AI-infused cloud results. So, let’s see how the amalgamation of AI and cloud computing is being used in the modern-day world.

Using the modern AI infrastructure for cloud

Now, we can build Machine Learning models when a very large set of data is used with particular algorithms and it becomes paramount to use the cloud for this purpose. The newly built model can learn from different types of patterns that are gained from the available data.

If we will provide more data for this advanced model, then the prediction and accuracy will improve without any doubt. For example, in the ML models which find tumors, hundreds of radiology reports are used to train the system properly.  The pattern is not limited to a single industry since it can be easily customized on the basis of the need for the project.

The advanced computation technique requires the use of both CPUs and GPUs and the modern day cloud providers now offer virtual machines along with robust GPUs. In addition to this, various machine learning techniques are now being automated by using batch processing, serverless computing, and orchestration of containers. IaaS is also helping in managing predictive analytics.

Why cloud is fundamental to the AI model?AI.jpg

There are basically two ways why cloud is fundamental to the AI model. Let’s look at these two ways.

First, all the data set being used by companies for the AI model wouldn’t have been possible if there was no cloud and secondly, cloud allows businesses to easily deal with the phenomenal scale required by providing data intensive services to various clients at an economical price.

One of the biggest reasons why AI is not able to perform at its peak efficiency is that there is a gap in the skill required within a firm to program the AI model and the actual skill. This shows that even after having the know-how of how to use AI, businesses don’t have the required skill of building an application or algorithm to get the expected results.

The cloud technologies helps to fill this gap as it provides various years of researches and tools to all the developers who are assigned the task of creating AI solutions. This changes how firms scale as even the startups with skilled employees that are accepting the challenge of building AI functionalities are having infinite resources to be drawn upon the cloud. There are many startups that are using AI to find new and effective solutions to existing problems.

The use of AI and cloud by giant companies

You should know that all the AI based models require gigantic computer power and public cloud becomes an ideal place to build such an application as it offers infinite computer and data processing power. The main function of giant companies like Amazon, Google and IBM is to build an innovative AI based application that can be easily used by businesses which will result in increased traffic through their public cloud ecosystem.

The increasing investment for the hyperscalers in AI shows how the technology is linked to the cloud. The Watson’s natural language searchers from IBM used to build cognitive retail as well as a DNA analysis in cancer patients.

Benefits of using cloud computing and AI

Reduced cost

All the cloud computing implementation wipes out the need of building IT infrastructure and purchasing software services. In addition to this, it also eliminates the need of on-site data center and all these things make cloud computing applications an cost-effective solution.

Better productivity

The AI based models are allowing people to be more productive as the ability of AI to give results based on the fed data is exceptional. Even the cloud computing solutions allows businesses to be more productive as it enhances collaboration, speeds up the process and simplifies day to day operations.


There is no doubt about the reliability of cloud computing and AI based applications and that’s why even after combining both these amazing solutions, the factor of reliability won’t decrease or diminish.

Both cloud computing and AI based applications have brought revolutionary changes in our modern day world. An amalgamation of these marvelous technologies will open the door of wide range of opportunities for the human race and we will be able to achieve what was once considered impossible for humans.


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