Why should you learn React js?

Why should you learn React js?
Why should you learn React js? Image source: Pixabay

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library created by Facebook to develop user interfaces through components. These components can be both, each of the pieces that make up the interface, and the complete interface itself.

Each component contains both the logic and the visual part, in this way we can reuse it within other components.

Another most relevant feature of React is the union of HTML and JavaScript within the same file with a .jsx extension, which allows you to write more readable and compact code. Here is an example of the differences between .jsx and .js:

Why use React?

React is since long and now there are tons of resources available to learn React, as well as speed up your project speed in React. There are some best react templates also available in the market, which saves your time and money. As you can download that and start using it in your project with ease. Below are some reasons to learn react.

  1. Virtual DOM: The main advantage of React is to be able to generate the DOM (“Document Object Model”, structure of the elements that are generated in the web browser when loading a page) dynamically.

This allows to visualize the data changes, it is not necessary to render the whole page again, but only the component that has been updated.

Thanks to this feature it improves the user experience when browsing the web application, the speed in loading the pages and facilitates the maintenance of the application.

  1. Large community: Being based on JavaScript, it has a large community that has a large number of external libraries.
  1. Composed of components: As we have already mentioned previously, web applications developed with React are based on reusable components. This makes the application more scalable and easier to maintain since errors will occur in the component’s own functionality or in communication with others.
  1. Integration with Redux: As it is a library, we can group it together with other libraries such as Redux to achieve greater functionality and facilitate development.

Redux and React are a great fit as they both work with states. While each React component has its own state (data for each component that is modified throughout its life cycle), Redux’s function is to issue state updates in response to actions.

  1. React Native: Ease of generating mobile applications using the same JavaScript code of the web application.

To help you stay up-to-date on the best React Native app templates on the market, we’ve compiled a list of the top ReactJS apps.

Some great React Apps


The clever Tudu React Native app template aims to help developers create a streamlined and simple productivity app that appeals to a wide section of users. The app features a home screen, offline storage, swipe actions to complete or delete items, information boxes, and more.


If you need to turn your WordPress or Shopify sites into professional and working mobile apps quickly and easily, the React Native mobile app template from gikApp is ideal.


Created with Material Design and offering over 140 screens for profiles, logs and records, social media, browsing, etc., it’s no wonder Antiqueruby has become one of CodeCanyon’s best sellers.


Beoui is a React Native application template for eCommerce. The template focuses on creating an attractive and easy-to-use user interface.

Its best features are the introductory page with parallax effect, its choice of list or two-column views, the product slideshow, its category selection, and the profile page where buyers can track their orders, receive notifications. or create a wish list.


First impressions count. So polish up the initial look of your app with BeOnboard, a collection of 18 React Native app templates that are designed to be used with any app to explain the app’s functionality to new users. Easy to customize and use, the template aims to provide a great user interface and experience.


Although React is a very complete library, on many occasions it does not provide all the functionality that development requires, so it is completed with third-party libraries .

However, its development facilities such as flexibility, speed and code organization make it one of the favorite options. So much so, that it is a tool in continuous evolution, due to the high number of users who demand new features and functionalities.